Introducing OTR Trucking – Great Money Making Machine

  • Flatbed Transportation services – transportation of oversized loads
  • Reefer Transportation services – transportation of temperature sensitive cargo
  • Dry Van Transportation services – transportation of dry packages and loads, that are not require special treatment
  • Dump Transportation services – transportation of loose material such as coal, sand, coal, gravel
  • Tanker Transportation services – transportation of fluids
  • Live Load – transporting trailer from point A to point B and waiting to be unloaded
  • Drop and hook – transporting loads in a trailer from point A to point B. After getting to the point B the trailer is left to the customer facility where the returning of the trailer can be 2 or 3 days later.

Each of these OTR trucking services requires special knowledge and separate endorsements besides the general knowledge that you get with your CDL training.

OTR Trucking Salary

The paycheck of one OTR driver depends on many factors. There is a lot of OTR trucking services and each of them requires specific skills from the truck driver. As many specific skills are required as much as money you’ll make.

Let’s say if you are part of Reefer OTR trucking services or Tanker OTR trucking services besides your CDL and required air break test you will need a lot of other additional endorsements. Especially if you transporting a fuel you have to be highly educated and trained because the fuel is ranked as dangerous goods and by that, you’ll get higher salary than an OTR dry van driver.

Learn Everything About OTR TruckingSource: www.cdlapps.com

If one dry van driver is making $40,000 than truck driver that transport fuel will make more than $50,000 because the type of the cargo and specific Hazmat and Tanker endorsements.

The qualifications are not the only segment that affects on OTR driver salary. The years of experience are another influence here. An OTR trucking salary in the first year will be between $25,000 and $35,000 or more if you are a lucky one. More you have experience in OTR trucking more money you get.


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Is the OTR Trucking Right Choice for Career?

If you decide to get involved in OTR trucking you need to know that after you gain some experience you will have always opened job offers. Why is that? We all know that everything we have at home at some point was hauled by a truck.

Learn Everything About OTR TruckingSource: www.buffalogov.org

The boat and air transportation can be skipped but the truck transportation is always needed. No matter if there is need of short route transportation or over the country transport the trucks are the ones that are making that possible.

There is the fact where 70% of the transported good in the US are transported by trucks. That is more than enough percentage to make you consider and get involved in the OTR trucking.


If we compare the over the road trucking (also known as OTR or long haul trucking) with the local trucking jobs I must mention the required period of time that you need to be away from home.

With local trucking jobs you get up in the morning do your job and get back in the evening. The OTR trucking does not give you the convenience of your home. That is why many of the new OTR drivers after 2 or 3 rounds living this lifestyle are quitting this job.

But if you can deal with the loneliness ORT trucking is the right job for you. It brings more money in the end. Grab the opportunity and spread your wings because the highway is your sky.



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