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Anything that makes you relaxed you should do practice in these free hours. It is important to find a relaxation time for you even if it is a chat with other truck drivers in some truck stop.


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OTR Trucking

Every career has its own difficulties but OTR Trucking as a career is facing not only the job difficulties it also facing the loneliness in the truck cabin and in most of the time the loneliness can be unbearable.

Signature of OTR trucking is driving for a several weeks or months, transporting goods from point A to point B without going home. Being away from home can break the spirit of every human being.

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Before you get involved in OTR trucking you need to be prepared that you’ll be away from your family for weeks or months. If you are ready for that you may have a bright OTR trucking career.


The highway is your working place and the truck is your home, so how great is to have the entire world as your home? It is awesome I must say! OTR trucking is a big commitment because we are covering less or more than 120,000 miles per year. It is 10,000 miles per month or around 500 miles per day.

Learn Everything About OTR TruckingSource: www.roedercartage.com

The time on the road is not the only thing that you need to respect when you are part of the OTR trucking.  With respecting the Hours of Service you contribute to the safety on the highway andkeeping your safety report on good position.



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