Pest Control Training: Which Companies and Schools are the Best?

To continue with, as a superior pest control service provider, the company offers seasonal pest cleaning. Thanks to their pest control training, they always make sure they send the best team on the fields.

3. Arrow Exterminators

Being a family-owned company, Arrow Exterminators is a pest control company which has been protecting homes since 1964.

Arrow Exterminators is not only keeping the houses from getting damaged but the families as well. As a matter of fact, what makes the company differ from the rest is their addition of pest control training methods in their program.


With this in mind, you need to know that their program is one of those having the best rank. This is placing the company among the best in the USA.

The company is also known to be stable among customers while providing them with an assurance. In this way, the company is making homes safe and is certified by the (NPMA) National Pest Management Association.


Their certification is a 3rd party which means it is listed among the top pest companies in the USA. This is due to their achievement of verified certification.

It is known that the company meets the standards of excellence on the field as well as in customer satisfaction. Besides all of the positive things mentioned above, the company offers pest control training.


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The employees of Arrow are acting professionally on the field which makes the pests gone for good.

4. Western Pest Services

Once you start dealing with pests, the situation requires fast treatment. Having said this, the effective pest control is preventing pests from entering in the first place.

Western Pest Services is helping clients with their pests problem for nearly a century. In order to provide the first-class service, the company integrates balance in their pest management solutions.


What is also great about them is their quality assurance offer. They think that every pest situation is different, however, they do believe in a different treatment and methods.

In addition, they are thought to have one of the best team which integrated new development on the field.


The company respects their customers and their money spending on pest control. With this in mind, the company offers a performance guarantee.

If there occur multiple issues, the company will not leave until the problem is solved.

5. Pest Management Sciences

Pest Management Sciences has been providing top-quality services since 1984. Along with the services, the company offers pest control training as well.

Continually, their services include the following:

  • IPM methods
  • non-chemical and chemical based treatments
  • inspections

As a company, they believe in the right pest control assistance. This is their way of showing customers that they care and exceed their expectations as well.

They are known to be one of the best pest control training providers in New York as well. All of their courses are acknowledged by the N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation committee.


Everyone finishing the pest control training gets certified by the N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation.

They also offer a wide variety of courses which make it easy for you to learn. If you want to learn more about their courses, just visit their website.

In addition, they focus on different pest classes which allow you to acquire a deeper knowledge of pests and their management.

6. Pest Management University

The Pest Management University has a mission to become a world-leading pest company. This includes their pest control training methods and delivering of quality instructions.

In order to provide their students with a great knowledge, they are using science-based knowledge on new technologies.

Training at this university is really one of the greatest opportunities an applicant could get.


The University creates an effort to get the pest industry one of the best pest control training programs. Moreover, they are always respecting the pest control industry in Florida.

To continue with, they have a goal to provide trainees with higher practical experience and knowledge as well.


All of their classes are taught by the faculty of UF and DACS, including some of the leaders in the pest industry.

This is due to their understanding of the needed professionalism. They know they need to offer the students with the skill improvement in order to provide high-quality job performance.

In this way, they will increase the company’s profit as well as solve their customer’s problems.

What makes them interesting is that they provide their students with extended knowledge in agriculture, human resources as well as life sciences.

7. Bug Off Pest Control Center

In particular, this is one of the pest companies that include educational programs who increase knowledge to elevate professionalism.

The company also offers pest control training in order to get licensed by the Pest Management Career Training Course in the end.

Generally speaking, they offer knowledge and education success which is based on hard work.


Their vision is to educate people so that they let them become professionals in the end. They think that professionalism is the key characteristic of the pest management field.

Bug Off Pest Control Center is offering professional pest control training and the program is available through the entire year.

Furthermore, they offer additional education for the candidates who want to progress in their career.


Having said this, the program is for those who want to get licensed and also, they have special training tools for the new employees.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the company is a member and also a partner of the following associations:

  • ESA
  • NPMA

In order to earn the title in the above-mentioned associations, Bug Off Pest Control Center has gained a position of an industry leader.

8. Pest Control Courses

Pest Control Courses is designed in order to help the commercial and noncommercial applicants.



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