Pest Control Training: Which Companies and Schools are the Best?

Same as any other industry, there is a training program, and the pest handling also requires pest control training.

In addition, a “pest” is an insect or a rodent which is considered to be undesirable near humans. This is due to the pests intrude on the life of the humans, their businesses.

Furthermore, this is mostly due to the damage they cause to humans which can further lead to diseases or illnesses.

Therefore, the real question is: Is there a possibility to remove these insects with pest control training?

Let’s find out step by step.

What is Pest Control?

As shown above, the pests are known as unwanted plants, insects, or even germs that interfere with the human’s activity.

They are known as unwanted organisms because they damage and destroy the property of humans. In this way, they make the human’s life more difficult.

In addition to this, it is the strongest reason why there is a huge need for pest companies and pest control training. It is really important for pest employees to possess a knowledge about the pests and their habits.


First of all, one needs to identify the pest. Second of all, one needs to learn about their lifestyle. After all this knowledge is absorbed, an employee is ready to create a strategy to control or remove them permanently.

Managing or controlling pests can be done through various methods. One way is killing them which is also known as the most frequent way of getting rid of them.

Even though humans can probably do this by themselves, it is much preferable for humans to hire pest control training services.


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The methods of the pest control training normally include sound in order to deter the pests. Having said this, this is a way to prevent pests from further entering.

A pest issue is difficult to deal with. If the problem occurs, only a pest trainee can handle the situation to help you.

What is Pest Control Training?

Whenever you spot a pest, you need a professional service to handle or control them. The professional pest control training is making employees able to determine the inside and outside of the houses, businesses etc.

If you suspect there is a pest this is how you can be certain of its existence: If you hear noises or feces, there is a 99% probability of pest existence.


Even though this may be true, it is always best to hire professional help. As an illustration, these services can help you with the following:

  • Figure out where pests are entering the home
  • Identification of any pests already in the home
  • Advise whether there is any damage due to pests
  • Spray regularly to help prevent insects
  • Seal off entry points to prevent access to

Continually, there are services who usually use bait or traps. On the other hand, there are those which specialize in humane pest removal as well as further prevention.

Therefore, if you happen to have pets in the home, it is advisable for you to ask if the pest removal methods used are toxic to pets.


The main goal of pest control training companies and its services is to remove the pest and prevent them from further entering the building.

Regardless of the approach, the pest control company will use, you need to trust the employees that they will handle the situation.

The pest companies and its methods are becoming even more popular and they use every new invention to help their clients.

In the end, minimizing the damage by the pests and reducing the risk of disease or illness will be managed by the pest heroes.

Having said this, down below are some of the top pest control companies which you can rely on:

1. Orkin

Orkin offers home and business services as well. Due to their superior services they one of the most specialized providers of pest control.

The company has one of the best team on the field, which is why they offer pest control training. As a matter of fact, the company invests millions in their training programs.


Their program usually involves a full training. For this, they use a Commercial Training Program which includes the following:

  • Formal accredited class work from Purdue University
  • Treatment techniques set standards by standards including AIB International, NSF Cook etc.
  • Training in specific protocols for an industry including federal, state and local requirements

Orkin University and Training Center

Orkin‘s statement is that there is no investment in employees if you do not offer or pay employees a pest control training.


Their training center also involves a hotel room which is equipped with a bar, a restaurant kitchen, food retail aisle etc.

In addition, this is mostly due to their devotion to employees and making them feel comfortable while they work on their training.

What is more important, the company tries to provide the best tools and give them hands-on experience.

2. Terminix

Established in 1932, Terminix is a company which provides their services flawlessly. As an illustration, the company is doing their best to fight the pest and prevent further diseases.

Furthermore, what makes the company among the solid on the list, is their expansion of services. Since the day Terminix started, the company includes pest control training to upgrade the knowledge of their employees.


Having a brilliant idea, Terminix got started with the pest control training besides the service offers.

In addition to this, the entomologists which study the problem of a client, are doing this in details.

Further, what is also making the company great is the products they use for the government, as well as scientific groups.


Terminix has a team which provides a full year service. They are doing this because the pests are active through the entire year.



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