7 Landscaping Trends For 2019

landscaping trends for 2019

The new equipment and technology are changing the customer’s expectations, and it creates a growing online community.

Thus, together with the landscaping trends, the industry it is reshaping the future.

When starting a business, the owners seem to be programmed. They think that they can use everything that their competitors do.

However, they possibly do not realize that each niche in the industry is different and coordinates differently to the landscaping trends.

1. The Growth of Landscaping

The enhancement of landscaping will continue to grow as the preferred method for properties. In other words, the services of the industry are still considered as the landscaping trends for the upcoming years.

Continually, the Government continues to invest in distinctive landscaping trends and designs. This will consequently lead to growing prices for the landscape services.

Source: www.obexbilling.com

The prices have an impact on buyers and should establish in long-term service agreements.

The landscape firms although having experience, they need to cope with the landscaping trends. Thus, they will be in a better position to suggest and effectively incorporate modifications related to living elements, bodies of water, land formation, terrain shape and elevation.


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These relationships will not only help buyers leverage their purchasing power to receive more favorable prices but enhance buyer satisfaction due to the landscaping trends to the buyer’s preferences.

2. Landscaping Leads

As you are already aware, landscaping can be very seasonal. Depending on where you live, you may have a lot of work in a shorter spring and summer season.

There is a data showing that landscaping trends are followed by the pros of the industry. This will continue to rise in the upcoming years for the most contractors in the industry.

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Location matters as well as timing. Generally, states with warmer climates will have a larger need to keep their yards looking beautiful year-round. Here are the states where landscapers are the busiest:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • New York

However, there are different landscaping needs across the USA which leads to comply with the landscaping trends.

Keep your business top of mind for customers by utilizing marketing tactics and the latest landscaping trends and leave behind the strategies you used before.

3. Customer’s Expectations are Changing

Landscaping businesses are getting a lot of younger customers and therefore they need to cope with the latest landscaping trends in the industry.

Younger families lead busy lives and are looking to hire out for services like lawn care.

When it comes to paying for lawn care services, younger customers think about online paying and other use of other modern tools.

They are thinking about convenience and want to pay with a credit card online.

Source: www.salerosclub.com

About half of the customers pay online. Even though there is a fee for accepting credit card payments, this is convenient for the customers as well as the business owners.

For the longest time, paying for regular services was something that many people thought was only for lawn maintenance.

However, it seems this belief is quickly vanishing. In these busy times, people value the time they can spend with friends and family. When you hire a service professional what you are really buying is more time.


Customer expectation management and communication is key to landscaping trends in the day to day operations.

In fact, you have to be able to manage customer expectations and explain how things like weather affect your schedule.

Therefore, set expectations at the beginning of the client relationship and that will save you money by keeping up with the landscaping trends.

There is nothing more important than communicating with your clients and doing it on a consistent basis.

4. Improved Battery Powered Equipment

With the advent of battery power equipment being introduced over the past couple of years, there is a great improvement in this technology.

With all the major landscaping equipment dealers like Dewalt, Echo, and Stihl, you have an insane market competition.

However, everything is achievable and with the help of the landscaping trends. Having said this, there is the technology that will help you go from mediocre at best to becoming a true competitor and with gas powered equipment.

Source: www.westyle.co

Landscaping trends and coping with technology is a way of being ahead of competitors. As a matter of fact, being a major player over the next years competing for head to head with gas-powered equipment.

Self-Charging Movers

Electric or remote-controlled mowers are all the rage and are better for the environment than a standard mower.

For example, the Southern Robot X reduces fuel consumption by 40% and uses a high-torque electric motor to control the vehicle’s propulsion.

Source: www.cashmoredesign.com

The electric battery is then recharged by the gas motor which is also used to spin the cutting blades. Not only is it greener than a standard mower but it will save you time as well a win-win.

Smart Operations

When the landscapers are involved in large construction projects, they can use apps on their devices to remotely operate their equipment.

This is a quantum leap in terms of workforce safety when they are working in a hazardous terrain.

Source: www.gardenworks.ca

Workers can also make use of wearable technology like smart glasses, smart helmets, and smart vests to access safety manuals and emergency guidelines, or to contact support for any kind of help.

This makes the project site more secure, minimizes downtime, and maximizes efficiency.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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5. Use of Technology in Landscaping Trends

In the admirable pursuit of improving your company, it is important not to hang your profit-generating hats on any one piece of technology.

There are people are buying software in hopes it will solve their process problems, they need to fix their processes first.

Over the past few years in the green industry, technology helped grow successful landscaping companies.

Source: www.obexbilling.com



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