Pest Control Training: Which Companies and Schools are the Best?

Regardless of the industry they want to do the job in the future, (agricultural, home etc.) they need to complete the pest training courses first.


Once the applicants finish the courses, they are certified with a license for completing the training courses. What makes them more awesome is that they offer online pest control training as well.

Once a candidate completes the documentation of the study, the apprentice is allowed to work alone.


Regarding the training courses, the applicants are ought to complete classroom training in the following subjects:

  • federal and state laws that regulate the industry
  • recognition of pests and pest damage
  • pesticide labels and label comprehension
  • environmental protection
  • application equipment and techniques
  • pesticide formulations and actions
  • non-chemical pest control techniques

Every candidate needs to complete on-the-job training as well as 8 hours of classroom training in each category. Only with the right training, the candidate will be able to provide pest control services.


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9. North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA)

North Carolina Pest Management Association has been providing their customers with an impeccable experience for over 70 years.

This experience has got them among the top leading associations of pest control training and management.

As an illustration, once the candidates enter the course as newbies, they get out as professionals ready to kill in on the field. Moreover, they always make sure they keep their members posted about the news in the pest management.


What is more important, they provide the candidates with a world-class pest control training in order to give them a decent level of proficiency.

To put it in another way, their education classes involve technical and regional management courses.

The industry is involving and regarding this, the North Carolina Pest Management Association aims to give the students the most current pest training and education available.


To continue with, they include the latest techniques and technology in their courses as well as for managing the pest problems.

What they never stop doing is exploring. They aim to always examine the future of the industry in order to implement changes.


All of the above-mentioned pest control training schools and companies operate in different locations.

It is true that they have their pros and cons, however, each one of them is able to take care of any pest control problem that you might have.

In the end, you do not have to wait for your pest control training to get worse, you only need to choose right.



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