Ultimate Truth: Pros and Cons of Team Driving Jobs

  • Sounds of the CB radio
  • Vibrations of the truck
  • Traffic sounds…

All of this can cause sleeping problems, chronicle fatigue, and low energy.

5. Wasting Time

When you stop at a gas station to fill the fuel tank that is inevitable stop, to refill the truck tank and continue with the ride but when you are stopping because yours driving partner need to go to the restroom that is a time that you would be able to save if you were alone.

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Many of the drivers with team driving jobs are forced to do things that other drivers want or not want to do. Imagine the scenario where you are rushing to catch the delivery time and your partner doesn’t want to stop for you to go to the restroom.

It is not a pleasant feeling, jumping through the highway with full blather right?

6. If your Co-Driver Gets Sick You are Stuck in One Place

If only one truck driver feel that is not capable of continuing with the transport that means that both of you are stuck in that place until he feels better.  We are humans and it is normal sometimes to get sick but when we are away from home can be difficult to handle the sickness and get better.

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It is more difficult when you are truck driver alone on the road with no one to help you to pass the sickness. In team driving jobs that can be stressful not just for the person that face the sickness also for the co-driver.

Team driving jobs entail downtime for both of you and the pressure of knowing that you might not catch the delivery time can be very stressful. If you are not capable of making money your co-driver can’t either.


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The important is to be there for each other in health and sickness for better and worse. Remember there will be times when you will be in the same position and you’ll have that person by your side to take care of you.

7. Team Driving Jobs Require Long Time Away From Home

If you are driving along with your spouse you don’t have enough firm reason to go back so that might mean that you won’t go back to your home maybe for 5 to 7 months. You are still having family back home who want to see you and talk about your journey.

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Being in team driving jobs with the closest person from home means that you have a peace from home and we all know that the home are not the bricks it is the people that are in side that make those bricks to feel like home.

But if the team driving jobs are build with a friend or just another truck driver it is very hard to go back at home when you have a full hand of loads that need to be transported.


Truck driving is a lifestyle, not a regular life that the other people are used to. Truck drivers live in different conditions. You have a special CB language, a special dress code and you are used living a wild life because you are a modern cowboy.

The team driving jobs are not for everyone same as the truck driving is not for everyone. It is important the person that you share the job, the air and the truck space to be a perfect match for your personality. Getting along will make your team driving jobs easier to handle.

If you want to try the team driving job GO FOR IT, do not hesitate. However, everybody has their own experience and story to tell. Share your experience and give the rookie team drivers your pros and cons of the team driving jobs.



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