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Sexy Tips and Advices for Truck Drivers and Their Wives

Life of a truck driver is hard, and full of temptations. That’s why, truckers are a hard core boys doing a heavyweight job in US economy. It’s not for everybody, and number of roughly 50,000 driver shortage confirms that.


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Truck driving is cool and fine paid job, and it looks like it’s gonna be better over the years. There are challenges. Firstly, one has to adapt to a life of a trucker. Quality sleeping and safety precautions are things that driver are always aware of.

Finally, truckers wifes are making (at least) equal sacrifices. I didn’t forget the about constantly growing number of female truck drivers, but for a moment most of truck drivers are male.

With so many things related to truck drivers life, I’ve put an effort in gathering all the tips and advices. I’ve placed them in 5 categories (new drivers, sleeping, safety, Don Logan’s, truckers wives).

Hope you’ll find some useful stuff here. Let’s start.

8 Tips for New Truck Drivers

#1 Safety First

There are countless actions you can take to improve your safety. I won’t write about it at this point, because we’ll come back to this later. Just keep in mind that your job is very dangerous, and it’s always better to be late than endanger yourself and others.



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