winter driving tips for truckers

Sexy Tips and Advices for Truck Drivers and Their Wives

Speed limit

#6 Adapt your driving to weather conditions

The general rule for driving on wet and snowy roads is reducing speed for one third and one half, respectively. Your blinker should run for at least 5 blinks before you change lanes. One more thing you should do on poor weather conditions is pulling over your vehicle if the truck in front of you did the same. Here are great WorkSadeBC’s tips for driving safely in winter conditions.

Winter driving tips for truckers

Don Logan’s Tips For Drivers

Who is Don Logan? Well, probably the best truck driver in USA. Let’s see what the Grand Champion at the annual National Truck Driving Championships in Minneapolis and six-time Kansas state champion, advice to all drivers.

#1 Keep Your Distance

Some people think they will get faster to their destination if they drive on the tail of the car in front of them. Don claim that there are almost no time savings this way. Just unnecessary risk.

#2 Stay Focused

There are more and more distractions every year including phone calls, text messages, radio and passengers. All the time, keep you eyes and focus on the road.

#3 Catch Some Sleep

Although regulations about the amount of sleep are referring mostly to commercial truck drivers, all drivers should get enough rest before they hit the road.

#4 Send Signals

Don pointed out that drivers sometimes lose track and forget that they are sharing roads with others. Letting know everyone what you are planning is can prevent some very unwanted outcomes.

#5 Give Big Trucks Some Room

Although, Don is sending message to nom-commercial drivers to stay out of NO ZONE, truck drivers must be aware of the fact that others on the road are usually don’t realize this danger.

7 Tips For Truckers Wives

The real challenge in trucker’s life is the one their wives needs to take. It’s a well known issue and probably the strongest reason why US don’t have enough truck drivers. If you are a new truckers wife you will find the tips collected from experienced wives, very useful.

Truckers Wives

#1 Stay in Touch

Fortunately, nowadays you can call your men all the time. Try to picture how it used to be without mobile phones. Losing contact can be dangerous for relationship.

#2 Become Part of the Trucking Life

The best way to do this is learning about the trucking life. Get familiar with the routes, locations and even the trucking language. Visit some trucking blogs for a start.

#3 Get on the Road with Him

It’s totally different thing when you feel the life of a trucker. You will lose wrong assumptions and perspectives if you hit the road once in awhile.


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#4 Trust your Man

This may be the hardest thing in living with a truck driver. But it really doesn’t have to be like that. Just remember that he is as lonely as you are. If you trust him at home, you should trust him on the road.

#5 Keep your Mind Occupied

Organize your life so that you can stay busy as much as possible. You can learn new stuff, write something or simply spend more time with your friends and family. There are advantages, wouldn’t you agree?

#6 Don’t get Hurt

There are so many tricky moments, when you can get offended. You have to be aware of that all the time. For e.g. if he doesn’t answering your calls and messages, it’s probably because of his work. Also, be patient when he comes home, for a trucker need some time to adjust.

#7 Make Easier for Him to Go

I know it’s hard for you but in what mood he will get off is especially important. If he feels your support, he’ll be more focused and efficient at work and increase chances to get home earlier. Prepare him in old fashioned way, by getting his stuff packed and his clothes clean, and you will achieve that.

What do you think of life on the road? How hard is it to live with a trucker?



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