Top 10 Trailer Leasing Companies in Canada


Continually, the second reason is their providing of top-notch service has helped them get to the top trailer leasing companies in Canada.

Having said this, they provide excellent service for the following pieces of equipment:

  • Dump Trailers;
  • Flatdecks and Deckovers;
  • Tilts;
  • Cargo Trailers;
  • Snow Trailers;
  • Aluminum and Galvanized Trailers;
  • Truck Beds;

Therefore, if you are interested in partnering with PJ Trailers, you will definitely find the one that suits your trucking business the best.

4. Ocean Trailer Rentals

Having a mission to be trailer specialist, Ocean Trailer made their mission possible.

In this way, the company found its way to the most successful trailer leasing companies in Canada.

Furthermore, they achieved in getting this title with one their priority which is integrity. On the subject of this, they will promise and they will do it!


Meeting their customers needs the company is always striving to provide the best customer service possible.

In particular, this is due to their enthusiastic and hardworking employees which are doing their best in order to succeed in it.

To emphasize, they have been doing this since their establishment, since 1981 to be exact.


Although they began renting only highway trailers, their family made it into the great market and started leasing a wide range of equipment.

In particular, they are offering the lease of the following equipment:

  • Dry Freight Vans;
  • Flatdecks/ Stepdecks;
  • Refrigerated Vans;
  • Super B Flatdecks/ Chassis;
  • Super B Trains;
  • Specialized Equipment;

Continually, the years of experience are only leading to perfection which is how Ocean Trailer got to theirs.

5. Train Trailer Leasing Solutions

Train Trailer always has a goal to be among the best trailer leasing companies in Canada. In particular, the wish of the company is now made true.

Furthermore, they are taking care of the safety as well as the quality of their equipment.

Knowing this, every other business whether it is in the trucking or other industry would be happy to become a partner with Train Trailer.


Notably, there are other businesses which are already partnered with this leasing company and are saying that it is a great success working with them.

Moreover, Train Trailer is bringing high satisfaction rates among their clients since the day of their establishment back in 1971.

Particularly, the company is offering an excellent choice of opportunities which can bring other businesses to their roads to success.

6. Breadner Trailers Leasing

Breadner Trailers is specializing in trailer leasing. This fact only proves why the company is getting a place among the best trailer leasing companies.

The company is founded in 1965 and just like any other trucking business would do, they started small. Continually, the company was first focused on the sale of trailers.

However, they changed the game in the trucking field.


Notably, Breadner Trailers became one of the trailer leasing companies in Canada and started specializing in that kind of service.

To continue with, the company is providing their clients with superior quality trailers.

Furthermore, it is offering the most beneficial finance options at the same time.

Continually, they consider time money. In other words, they appreciate their customer’s time and theirs as well which is why they provide on-time services.

7. Lease Line Solutions

Leaseline is a trusted source to get the equipment you need for your business. As one of the best trailer leasing companies in Canada, it understands the needs of the customers.

For instance, it is a company which thinks that getting quick financing for business is one of the priorities every company should have.

Leaseline is a type of leasing company which is serious about their services and would get the job done for you.


Continually, it is a leasing company that is serving the trucking industry since late 1993.

Having said this, these are the offers that you would get if you decide to lease their equipment:

  • Fast Approval;
  • Hassle Free;
  • Tax Benefits;
  • Preserving Your Cash;
  • Flexible Terms;
  • Leveraging Cash;

In particular, it is their goals mixed with experience that made them among the most trusted trailer leasing companies in Canada.


On the subject of this, Leaseline is also considered to be the number one option leasing company in Canada.

Additionally, being among the companies with the highest approval rates, it is dedicated to the clients and the service.

Furthermore, they understand that trucking industry is an expensive business which is why they offer lease benefits to trucking business owners.

8. Equilease Trailer Services

Equilease has an award-winning trailer lease service. To be honest, it is among the best trailer leasing companies in Canada.

This is due to the following skills that they possess:

  • Management Skills;
  • Efficient and Simple Leasing Process;
  • Arranging Businesses Needs;
  • Best in Class Financing Options;

Possessing the above-mentioned traits, Equilease is helping the business succeed in their goals and missions.


In particular, Equilease is one of the trailer leasing companies in Canada that truly help the businesses grow and expand their services.

Due to this matter, the equipment dealers will create a flexible financing plan that eventually will meet your business objectives.

Know the best part about Equilease?

The company allows you to create your own terms as well as payment options according to your budget.


Furthermore, there are these lease options that you are given a chance to choose from:

  • Stretch Lease;
  • Sale – Leaseback;
  • Lease To Own;
  • Quarterly;
  • FMV (Fair Market Value Lease);
  • Semi-Annual/ Annual/ Seasonal;
  • Lease Line of Credit;
  • Step Up and Step Down;

Notably, whichever plan or equipment you choose, you will be able to have an advantage from their leasing options.

More importantly, you will be able to create an insane profit afterward.

9. BenLea Leasing Trailers

In particular, BenLea Leasing is a group of trailer leasing companies in Canada. Their greatest goal is to provide exceptional trailer leasing solutions to their clients.



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