Top 10 Trucking Companies In Maine


The trucking industry is rapidly expanding in all USA States, that is also the case with the State of Maine.

Actually, since the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 was issued, the trucking industry in the USA began its deregulation. That deregulation caused the increasement of the number of trucking companies.

Moreover, the trucking industry in Maine is known for the implementation of a number of new technologies that actually gave rise to the modern trucking industry.

In fact, Maine is one of the four states that have set a limitation for truck weights. So, all truck drivers that are driving through Maine shall be aware that the limited truck weight is from a low of 18.000 pounds.

Thereupon, since the trucking industry in Maine is well developed, I decided to write and dedicate this article to the top 10 trucking companies in this area.

Choosing only 10 best trucking companies in Maine was a tough decision because almost all trucking companies in that area are providing excellent load transportation services.



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