Top 10 Trucking Companies In Maine


The trucking industry is rapidly expanding in all USA States, that is also the case with the State of Maine.

Actually, since the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 was issued, the trucking industry in the USA began its deregulation. That deregulation caused the increasement of the number of trucking companies.

Moreover, the trucking industry in Maine is known for the implementation of a number of new technologies that actually gave rise to the modern trucking industry.

In fact, Maine is one of the four states that have set a limitation for truck weights. So, all truck drivers that are driving through Maine shall be aware that the limited truck weight is from a low of 18.000 pounds.

Thereupon, since the trucking industry in Maine is well developed, I decided to write and dedicate this article to the top 10 trucking companies in this area.

Choosing only 10 best trucking companies in Maine was a tough decision because almost all trucking companies in that area are providing excellent load transportation services.

In my opinion, the following 10 trucking companies in Maine are actually the ones that are mostly contributing to the economy of the trucking industry.

Let’s take a look!

1. Central Maine Transport

The trucking business in the USA is constantly expanding, and there are a lot of trucking companies that are being incorporated. But, there are not a lot of trucking companies like is Central Maine Transport. What makes this trucking company be one of top ranked trucking companies in Maine?

This trucking company is serving their clients on time with honesty and integrity; it is what made this trucking company be one of the best trucking companies in Maine.

Since its incorporation in 1986, Central Maine Transport is dedicated to providing only the best load transportation services to their clients. Also, Central Maine Transport has a sister company- Consolidated Warehouse. Altogether with its sister company, Central Maine Transport are providing local and regional deliveries.


In general, Central Maine Transport is providing dry van freight transportation services all across the USA. In a point of view of their fleet, we can see that there ain’t a doubt why Central Maine Transport is one of the best trucking companies in the USA.

The fleet of CMT is composed of the latest model trucks, mainly Freightliner Columbia. It is important to mention that this trucking company is collaborating with owner operators.


Moreover, this trucking company is featuring heavy duty truck and trailer service garage- Central Maine Truck and Trailer Service.

Thereupon, Central Maine Transport as one of the best trucking companies in the USA is serving the following industries:

  • Retail;
  • Yard Management;
  • Recycling;
  • Beverage and bottling;
  • Heavy equipment;
  • Specialty freight;

2. H.O. Bouchard

H.O. Bouchard was incorporated in 1958, back then the main activity of the company was hauling gravel.

Starting with a single Dodge truck, H.O. Bouchard thanks to the continual effort and implementation of new technologies achieved to keep their customers satisfied, and by doing that has risen among the top 10 trucking companies in Maine.

Nowadays this trucking company is operating with the largest and the most diversified tank trailer fleet. Mainly the fleet of H.O. Bouchard is providing transportation of energy fuels, industrial raw materials, as well as various other products.


Later on, this trucking company is and it has always been customer oriented. Each truck driver who is part of this trucking company is showing performance and customer service that simply go beyond the ordinary. Safe, reliable, and competitively priced services are what H.O. Bouchard is offering.


H.O. Bouchard is a trucking company that is always ready and willing to provide every type of transportation, even specialty transportation. If you become their loyal customer you will get exceptional serviceability.

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Also, as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Maine, H.O. Bouchard is constantly servicing their trucks and equipment so that they can enable better safety and a proper time efficient delivery.

If you have any kind of requests for load transportation you can rely on their dispatch center, which is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

3. HARTT Transportation

By constantly improving HARTT Transportation has developed a unique company culture, and not only that, this trucking company has also achieved to rise among the leading trucking companies in Maine.

HARTT Transportation is always paying attention to the work of their truck drivers, which includes a regular evident on:

  • The miles that each truck has driven per week;
  • Revenue per truck on a weekly basis;
  • Mile revenue on a weekly basis;

When it comes to the transportation services, we can see that this trucking company is offering the following ones:

  • Regional Transportation;
  • Dedicated Transportation;
  • Long-haul transportation;

HARTT Transportation is embracing the technology that is available in the trucking industry, and by doing so is making the job of truck drivers easier.

Not only that by using the latest technology the job of truck drivers will be made easier, but also the customers will be able to get correct information about the current location of their loads.

The work of HARTT Transportation is a clear proof that the productivity can be vastly improved by using new technologies.


Yet, I must mention that the truck drivers who are part of this trucking company are using Electronic Data Interchange EDI on a daily basis. Thanks to EDI these truck drivers are enabled to:

  • Perform a systematic delivery to their customers;
  • Order updates to process in real time;
  • To remove tedium of filling orders;

On the other hand, fuel optimization did play a crucial role in their success. Fuel optimization is, in fact, enabling trucking companies to constantly monitor their fuel network altogether with the daily prices.

4. Richard Carrier Trucking Inc.

Richard Carrier Trucking Inc. is one of the rare trucking companies that has been recognized by the Maine Motor Transport Association as safest and most successful business in the Central Maine Area.



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