Top 10 Trucking Companies In Maine


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Therefore, this trucking company has a fleet of 72 Western Star Tractors; each truck has Federal Highway Administration number which shows that the fleet is properly maintained (at very high standards).

As one of the best trucking companies in Maine- Richard Carrier Trucking has zero tolerance for equipment defects. That helps truckers to perform a safe transportation process and to make on-time deliveries.


Moreover, each truck driver who is part of Richard Carrier Trucking is enjoying the benefits of:

  • Safety standards;
  • Separate cash incentives for safe driving;
  • Full-time safety officer auditing driver’s logs;

That is to say, this trucking company is always fulfilling the requirements of OSHA altogether with the safety inspections.


Richard Carrier Trucking has exceptional management which has shaped their problem-solving ability. It’s their great management strategies that helped them improve the problem-solving ability, and enable this trucking company to achieve success.

5. Pottle’s Transportation

Pottle’s Transportation was founded in 1972 by Clifton Pottle. As a family owned trucking company Pottle’s Transportation has achieved to attract and retain numerous loyal customers; their customers have ranked this company as one of the best trucking companies in Maine.

Nowadays the fleet of this trucking company consists of more than 150 trucks and more than 450 trailers.

As I mentioned previously this is a family owned trucking company, the present leaders of this trucking company are in fact the third generation.


This trucking company is offering the following services:

  • Truckload;
  • Logistics management;
  • Yard management;
  • Warehousing;

What makes Pottle’s Transportation so special is their up-to-date and technologically savvy crew. The truck drivers that are part of this trucking company are always aiming to provide only the best load transportation services (in a safe and time-efficient way).

By being part of the trucking industry for a long time Pottle’s Transportation knows how to embrace different types of transportation solutions. It is good for you to know that this trucking company has two terminals which are located in Bango, Maine and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Pottle’s Transportation is offering the following truckload services:

  • Regional services with sleeper trucks;
  • Local services with day cab trucks;
  • Power-only services;

The newest transportation solution that this trucking company has started offering is yard management. This service includes control of the flow and of all inbound and outbound goods with the help of:

  • Manpower on location;
  • Equipment on location;
  • Technology on location;

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So, if you are in need of load transportation services then you can count on Pottle’s Transportation; this trucking company as one of the leading trucking companies in Maine can provide you with worry-free services.

6. PAF Transportation

We all know PAF Transportation as one of the best trucking companies in Maine. This trucking company became part of the trucking industry back in 1950, which also makes it be one of the oldest trucking companies in Maine.

Moreover, PAF Transportation has found their secret formula to reach with success every challenge and to become a stronger company. So if you are looking for a trucking company that is providing valuable, safe, reliable services with a customer focus, then the best choice for you would be PAF Transportation.


PAFF Transportation has trained all of their employees to provide much more to their customers than just a transportation, they are acting with their customers as an extension of their trucking company.

Thereupon, PAFF Transportation has on their disponibility 2 unique divisions:

  • Over the road division that is handling: LTL, truckload, and expedited shipments;
  • Local Division that is handling the services within the state of Maine, also this division is making regular runs to the airports as well as to freight forwarders;

All in all, we can see that the following few facts make PAFF Transportation to be ranked as one of the best trucking companies in Maine:

  • Expedited services: local, regional, and long-haul;
  • Available team service;
  • Regional truckload service;
  • Their primary lanes are the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and South;
  • Brokerage services;
  • Warehousing and cross-dock services;

7. SPC Transport

SPC Transport is known by their simple, proven and consistent trucking services. In fact, these services have risen it up to one of the best trucking companies in Maine.


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So, SPC Transport has specialized in providing services to the food and beverage industry, but they are not limited only to serving only that industry.

All of their fleets is combined in with a network of outside qualified carrier partners. Also, SPC Transport has made a serious investment in technology, which later on enabled them to provide their customers with a world class transportation services.


On the other hand, if you are a truck driver who is looking for a job opportunity, then you can take into consideration SPC Transport. SPC Transport has experienced a driver turnover; they have many drivers that are part of SPC Transport for more than 10 years.

If you choose to be part of SPC’s team of truck drivers you will get a unique chance to work with an experienced staff. The choice is yours!

8. J.D. Raymond Transport

Although nowadays many people are familiar with J.D. Raymond by their forest product division, still the core of the business of this trucking company has always been trucking. Actually, J.D. Raymond Transport has entered the trucking business by offering load transportation services.

When it comes to their forest division J.D. Raymond Transport is a leading supplier of biomass to several wood energy plants and paper mills throughout Maine.


Also, as one of the leading trucking companies, it is supplying mulch to wholesale customers.

In fact, J.D. Raymond Transport is part of the trucking industry since 1999, which makes it be one of the youngest trucking companies in Maine. Still, being a young company did not stop its president John Raymond to constantly expand their business, and to accept new challenges.



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