Top 10 Trucking Companies Where You Can Find Flatbed Trucking Jobs


How can one find the flatbed trucking jobs of their dreams? Do flatbed trucking jobs in the best trucking companies even exist?

For instance, there are so many trucking companies out there but so little of those that fulfill the driver’s requirements. With regards to this, there are thousands of companies who have quality service but the candidates have their own job requirements.

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To emphasize, some consider the time given for home stay. On the other hand, there are those who are considering the pay etc.

Concerning this, every flatbed candidate needs to learn more about the company first. Furthermore, learn about the history.


Continually, the flatbed truck driver needs to learn more about the opportunities, the services and check the reviews as well.

And more importantly, to check with their own capabilities, gather the entire documentation and see if the CDL license is valid. Once the process is done, the dream job chasing is the next thing on the list. Let the job hunt begin.

All of the previously mentioned factors are crucial because you are creating your own success, and more importantly your happiness.

To continue with, there are companies that might lead you to success but they are not leaving you space for happiness.

How can one have both?


Gather information, take lessons from the previous experiences whether good or bad and be always prepared for the road challenges. Regardless whether you are a female truck driver or a male, a contribution is a contribution.

Furthermore, with a little research, a little help of mine and there you go. Hopefully, you might find yourself to the path of success.

In addition, here is the list of our top companies with the possible potential flatbed trucking jobs of your dreams:

1. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.

The company has been involved in the trucking business since late 1972 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the place where their story began.

Due to the professionalism of the owners, they are considered as the best company, offering numerous benefits to employees and the customers.

The Cypress Truck lines is a family owned trucking company that is primarily transporting flatbed cargo. Furthermore, the freight transportation includes building materials.


The truck drivers program includes numerous benefits for the new truck drivers that want to be part of the Cypress Truck Lines. For example:

  • More home time
  • Driver safety
  • Great pay
  • Assigned
  • Attending paid training
  • Weekend home time

Due to the factor that is being a family owned company, the owners of Cypress Truck Lines are creating a place that is driver friendly. With regards to this, they want to make it a safe place for the candidates and the new members.


Having said this, it is really important for the companies to do this. Thus, they are creating a second home for the drivers.

In other words, to be the place where they can feel comfortable and feel like they have one of the best flatbed trucking jobs.

Everyone wants a job where is feeling like it is a place that keeps you from leaving to another company or the place to retire.


If you think about this and think is important then this might be the right one, with the right flatbed trucking jobs.

More importantly, their drivers are one of the potential candidates each year in receiving truck driver awards. This means that they are well-trained and respected.

Why would anyone not want to be skilled or respected?

2. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in Miller Truck Lines, Inc

If you are still asking yourselves whether the dream flatbed trucking jobs exist, you need to learn more about Miller Truck Lines. Who knows, you might find something that will push you to be included in their driving team.

The two of their most important priorities are security and safety. Thus, you can see that they are really respecting the regulations of the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA). Furthermore, safety is an important factor in every trucking company.


Having safety as one of their top priorities they are striving for:

  • Increasing the productivity
  • Improve wellness and morale of employees
  • Involving employees to participate in innovation
  • Reducing injuries and severity
  • Try to reduce the stress level
  • Decrease the insurance, administrative and liability costs

Therefore, if you want to be an additional factor to success, safety and security at the Miller trucking company then this might be your chance.

Having said this, makes me wonder, no one can ever know where their happiness is unless you give it a try. More importantly, no one can create your success unless you make it for yourself.

3. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in William Brothers Trucking, Inc

Founded in 1977, William Brothers is considered as one of the most reliable, as well as the safest service provider in the trucking industry.

Having said this, they must be strictly respecting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


Furthermore, they have the newest technology installed in their equipment which makes it easier for the truck drivers and dispatchers to do their job.

More importantly, if the employees are making quality work then it is a huge bonus to customers. This means that the work you do reflects on the customer’s opinion.

However, if you want to become a successful truck driver, or you luckily already are, correspondingly, William Brothers is the best workplace for you.


William Brothers Trucking is always offering an opportunity to the acknowledged and talented and to those who want to create a marvel from themselves.

They truly care about their employees, the company, and the clients. More importantly, they have created a safe environment and workplace.

The company is private and the owners always tend to inspire their employees to progress and contribute. And not only for the company’s sake but for their own as well.

Who knows, you might be the next in their growing team.

4. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in NFI Industries

NFI Industries is a living proof that the owners are a hell of leaders. And there is a huge difference between a boss and a leader.

The trucking company has been incorporated in 1932 which makes it one of the oldest trucking companies in the industry.


In addition, it is a proof that they have been doing an amazing job for nearly a century. This means that they have survived all of the ups and downs, the economy fall etc.

Having said this, they are also participating in donations, volunteering, as well as sponsorships. Their largest contribution is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society charity. The living proof of their caring and perfectionism are the numerous awards.


More importantly, they have created a beautiful environment for the drivers and other employees. They are motivating their drivers that driving is not a job but a lifestyle.

Thus, they are teaching the new employees to embrace the job they do and to learn to love what they do.

5. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in Kaplan Trucking

Kaplan Trucking has been involved in the business since 1934. In all honesty, it is one of the most experienced hauling trucking companies in the industry in the United States.

More importantly, it has been considered as the leader in the hauling since day one. Informatively, it is headquartered in the roots of the United States. However, it has expanded their services widely.


Having over 80 years of experience, they have managed to provide the service of today and is led to nothing but perfection.

Concerning this, they have not only been creating awesome solutions and delivery but fireworks.

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Regarding this, they have managed to survive every economic current that has been changing since late 1934. To tell the truth, a lot has changed over the years, and not only the economy.

Knowing this, they prove that they are a stable company and that they have an excellent team that is taking care of the company’s reputation.


Since day one that has not missed a single transportation deadline. Their team of truck drivers has triumphantly met every need of transportation to their clients.

If you are one of those truck driver candidates who is striving for perfection in the job they do then Kaplan Trucking is for you. As a matter of fact, it would be the best place to get one of the best flatbed trucking jobs.


Thus, you are getting the chance to be involved in something called more than work. To put it in a different way, you are given plenty of opportunities here.

Further, they are considering the safety always a number one priority. They have been coping with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations since the day of their very existence.

6. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in MGA International

Although is one of the trucking companies that was founded back in the 90’s, in exactly 1988 they have made their vision true.

In order to make goals true and develop the successful trucking business that they have today, they have obviously survived the journey to success. The owners have built something that they previously believed in. Having said this, it is pure build of dreams.

In addition to this, would you like to have one of the best flatbed truck driving jobs in MGA International?


Every trucking company who is in the industry is responsible for a particular job. For instance, MGA International is responsible for a safe transport of freight. They provide a full service of transportation as well as logistics. They provide a first class, door to door delivery.

What is more important is that they have many other services besides offering the flatbed ones. Their services include the following:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Flatbed
  • Heavy haul
  • Cartage
  • The management of freight
  • Intermodal transportation services
  • Express cargo shipping
  • Expedited freight shipping

What makes them even better than they already are is the fact that they are giving freedom to their clients and customers.

To put it differently, they are allowing you to track your shipment. Furthermore, they are allowing you to estimate the shipping time.

Being among the best trucking companies and amongst the most reputable, the flatbed trucking jobs that they are offering require the best of you.

While the logistics team will offer you the best solution, the truck drivers at MGA International will provide you with an excellent service.

7. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in Landstar

The goal of Landstar is providing transportation and solutions better than some of the competitors. Furthermore, while providing amazing service, and what is making their team more exciting is that they take the transportation as a challenge.


On the subject of this, Landstar takes the job very seriously and responsibly. They are doing their job flawlessly in order to provide their clients with impeccable service.

Every business the Landstar takes no matter the work position, they will do anything in order to make it succeed. Thus, they prove that they have an excellent team which is not leaving space for mistakes.

More importantly, if you consider yourself as a professional truck driver who is ready to progress and contribute, Landstar may be perfect. Additionally, you might have found yourself one of the best flatbed trucking jobs on earth.


To sum up, they are updating their website with the latest news. On the subject of this, they are providing information about the latest happenings related to their company.

Thus, you can inform yourself more about them and you can decide whether their offerings for flatbed trucking jobs are suitable for you.

8. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in Bennett

Having a motto “we care” they have proved it with their excellent work they have been doing since 1974, the year of the very beginning.

Correspondingly to their motto, they have high respect for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), safety is their number one priority.


Having passed this characteristic to the truck drivers, the owners have created a perfect work ethic and workplace. Additionally, the drivers are providing quick as well as safe transportation.

On the subject of this, they are taking their flatbed trucking jobs seriously, and more importantly, they love it.


On top of all the amazing work the team at Bennett does, they are also using the latest technology. With the help of it, they are even more effective. For instance, they have:

  • Customer technology
  • Agents technology
  • Driver technology

9. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in Daseke Inc.

Daseke trucking company is considered as one of the largest owners of specialized transportation in the area of North America. Additionally, in the area of delivering services, they are also considered as the most respected shippers.

Due to their constant investment in the safety, they seem to have a huge respect for the regulations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


The companies included in providing services tend to stay close to the customers. Furthermore, they are offering the best service possible proceeded by the safest transportation. The operation companies are considered as the best and they are recognized for their safety records.

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As a matter of fact, their services are due to the knowledgeable team. To begin with, the experienced truck drivers to the highly skilled logistics team, they all make successful trucking companies.

Therefore, if you think that you belong to one of these then one of the flatbed trucking jobs in these companies will perfectly suit you.


Further, what it is considered an additional factor to their success is the equipment. The companies are owning latest technology equipment. More importantly, they are all collaborating together although they have different executive teams.

10. Flatbed Trucking Jobs in PI & I. Motor Express

Pi & I Motor Express is a privately-owned trucking company that is offering impeccable commercial services in the trucking industry. The company was founded back in late 1951 and since then they have expanded their trucking business immensely.

To emphasize, they have grown into one of the largest carriers where you have an opportunity to find one of the best flatbed trucking jobs.


Being involved in the trucking industry and business in general, they have been doing an excellent job with great contribution to their company’s reputation.

For example, when I looked into their operations at the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) I have spotted a satisfactory rating.  Furthermore, I have discovered that they really do respect anything related to the word “safety”.


On the other hand, regarding the company type, it belongs to those kinds of companies that train drivers.

With regards to this, they are offering online safety training which gives you an opportunity to increase your skills or more importantly, learn something new.

Furthermore, they are always available for new members to expand their team. They are one of those companies that care about the employees and the clients as well.


As a conclusion, finding dream jobs is always a tough hunt and it is pretty much the same with flatbed trucking jobs. Chasing the suitable one takes more than one can imagine.

Therefore, hunt for the job that will feed your heart and mind. Strive for perfection. Find the one that will make you eager to learn, to improve your skills and allow you to contribute your experience and knowledge.