truck driver shortage - a real challenge for trucking companies

Truck Driver Shortage – Cause, Solution, Future!

By and large, let’s see what this article has to reveal you about truck driver shortage – cause, solution & future!

1. Causes of Truck Driver Shortage

As I mentioned in the intro, many trucking companies nowadays have posed strict hiring criteria.

The criteria that trucking companies are posing are closely interconnected with:

  • Driving history;
  • Driving experience;
  • Many other factors;

Thereupon, it is crystal clear that truck driver shortage has become much worse for motor carriers. All because of quality versus quantity issues.


Tip: Never mistake the terms- truck driver turnover with the truck driver shortage. It is not the same.

Forthwith, truck driver turnover is happening on increased rates when truckers are in high demand. That is so because truckers know that they are in the situation to change companies easily.

So, truck driver turnover is completely different from truck drivers shortage- it is being calculated with a completely different method.



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