truck driver shortage - a real challenge for trucking companies

Truck Driver Shortage – Cause, Solution, Future!

That is precisely why trucking companies in the USA should pay attention to providing benefits to their truck drivers- including increasement of truck driver salaries.


Thereupon, if you are running a trucking company and you have truck drivers who are performing in an extraordinary way- then you should be really careful to do the best of yourself to satisfy them and increase their pay and appreciation. In fact, truck drivers should be paid for every mile that they are driving.

Honor the drivers request for home time. That is to say the work-life balance. This is really important because this part of truck drivers’ life is the most difficult, especially to the truck drivers who are new in the trucking industry.

As well, one more thing that trucking companies should improve is to focus more on the retention. Actually, truck driver retention is the crucial way for trucking companies to fight truck driver shortage.

Further, you can read more about the solutions that trucking companies should take into account if they want to fight truck driver shortage.

So, let’s take a look.

Benefits for Truck Drivers And Employers

Since it is crystal clear that there is truck driver shortage, straight proportionally trucking companies should find solutions that will happen to improve this situation.

Moreover, what trucking companies are doing nowadays is creating additional benefits for truck drivers and employers. These days trucking companies are willing to give increased pay for their truck drivers as well as additional bonuses.


Also, if a truck driver is performing in a safe and on-time manner then they can receive as well substantially bonuses.

Henceforth, as truck drivers are adding on an experience they are getting higher salaries. As well some trucking companies are offering to their truck drivers paid vacation and paid holidays.

In the first place, the benefits for truck drivers can include the following things:

  • Medical Insurance;
  • Dental Insurance;
  • Vision Insurance;
  • Prescription Medication Coverage;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Retirement plans;

The more frequently a truck driver is moving loads the more job security they will have in a particular trucking company, and the more benefits they will enjoy. In addition, truck drivers can drive long routes with their four leg companions.

Among the benefits that truck drivers get to enjoy is the fact that they can choose what type of route they want to drive:

  • Local Run;
  • Long Distance Runs;
  • Cross-region runs;

Remember: A flexible schedule is available for truck drivers in a lot of trucking companies

Women Solving the Truck Driver Shortage

As it is the case, many nationwide trucking companies are dealing with a major driver shortage, which is hurting their profit as well it is hurting the industry at the same time.

Moreover, what many trucking companies and truck driving schools have found out as a solution for truck driver shortage in the USA is, in fact, the process of attracting female truck drivers by allowing them to adapt easily in this industry, by allowing them to enjoy numerous benefits.


Fact: The American Trucking Association has stated that they are facing a shortage of around 48.000 truck drivers.

Occasionally trucking companies have started offering 401k and tuition reimbursement programs. Besides boosting pay for a female truck driver the effect has turned out not to be enough. But trucking companies are not giving up, they are trying to put forward a more “female-friendly image”.

Freight Rates Should Increase

The freight shipping rates that trucking companies are operating with nowadays are lower than they were 20 to 30 years ago. That is due to the increased trucking cost and the cost of the living index.

Moreover, freight rates are a very volatile thing in the trucking industry.


So, if trucking companies try to set flexible freight rates than they can enjoy better revenues for their trucking business and straight proportionally their truckers will get to enjoy increased salaries.

Trucking companies should try to make their services more satisfying so that they can fight truck driver shortage as well as to attract new clients.

There Should Be A Redistribution Of Money In The Trucking Industry

If just the trucking companies would try to implement the process of money redistribution in the trucking industry then they would enjoy truck driver shortage reduction.


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That is to say trucking companies should try to put more money into the pockets of truckers instead into the pockets of the big players.

3. The Future Of Truck Driver Shortage

Presently the trucking industry is offering mediocre paying jobs and poor working conditions for truck drivers.

As well, trucking companies are not treating truckers well. These are just part of the reasons why there is the truck driver shortage.


But, if in future trucking companies just try to put more effort in treating truckers as they deserve- with respect, then maybe the situation with truck driver shortage would significantly improve.

Moreover, trucking companies should improve in the future as well are the incentives. That way trucking companies can fight truck driver shortage.

But, the most dominant factor that can contribute to truck driver shortage reduction is the replacement of retiring truck drivers with new rookie hires.

Tip: The trucking industry will see truck driver shortage reduction only if trucking companies find a way to hire 890.000 truck drivers. That way the trucking industry will grow by 33%.


Yet, there is another consideration for the trucking industry of the future- and that is the continually improving truck driving technology. After all, everything starts and ends with technological improvements and innovations. So, technological improvement and innovations can kind of improve truck driver shortage.

Self-driving technologies are as well giving hope to trucking companies for truck driver shortage reducement. But, that does not have to mean that trucking companies would stop looking for and hire truckers.



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