truck driver shortage - a real challenge for trucking companies

Truck Driver Shortage – Cause, Solution, Future!

Truck driver shortage – what are the causes, the solutions and the future of the trucking industry? In what way the trucking industry can face with truck driver shortage?

First and foremost, the reasons behind truck driver shortage are numerous. Yet, one of the most crucial factors that have caused truck driver shortage is the high average age of the existing workforce-truck drivers.

Hence, the trucking industry nowadays consists of truck drivers whose average age is 49.

But why carriers nowadays are struggling to find enough qualified truckers?

In the light of that, I will reveal you the real situation- many trucking companies nowadays are highly selective when hiring truck drivers. That is because of the fact that they have built their trucking company with professionalism and because of their high priorities.

After all, the effects of truck driver shortage can be as well felt throughout the overall U.S. economy.

Let me clarify these facts – even the American Transportation Research Institute has revealed that driver pay has become the largest operational cost in the trucking industry.



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