8 Pieces of Truck Supply

8 Pieces of Truck Supply Every Trucker Needs to Have

My experience is telling me that there is some part of the Canada (for example in Toronto region) where you can buy 24 pack of 591ml bottles of water for as less as $2 and in some parts of the Canada (for example Vancouver) you can pay up to $10 for the same amount of water.

Source: www.walmart.com

Of course the more expensive one will be advertised as amazing, healthy, pure sport and all kind of possible fancy names but it is what it is – just water. The good thing is that sometime you have a lot of choices so that you can chose which price category you want to buy.

But trust me I’ve seen a lot of stores in BC where you are not able to find that standard one. Only expensive ones are offered so have that thing in mind when going on a trip and put a 24pack in the truck just in case you might need it.


Having laptop with you while you are on the road and left home 50 days ago is great thing from multiple reasons but the most important one is to entertain you in any way you would like to.

In recent years lap tops are becoming great asset to have while on the road especially because they now have improved battery autonomy and they are capable to provide you power during your entire Log Book mandatory break.

Source: www.dieselworldmag.com

Also in addition they can be a great communication tools where you can use all kind of different tools and software for communication and you can stay in touch and up to date with all your friends and family.


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Try installing some of the popular messaging services like Viber or Skype on your laptop and you will see how easy is to stay in touch with the loved ones and all of that 100% free.

Truck Mattress

I wrote a lot about truck mattress and trucks bed over the previous weeks and the reason why I’m doing this is because I find it very important to get the trucks mattress that suits you best. There is numerous options on the market you can find and all kind of prices so I’m sure you will be able to find something that is perfect for you.

Source: www.truckingnewsonline.com

Almost 50% of the time you spent on the road you will spend taking rest the hard and exhausting truck driving so it is important to get the truck mattress that is good.

Again there is way to save money when buying truck mattress. Use your laptop and plan in advance. Check to see what is the best truck mattress for you and what would be the best price you can find.

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Now plan in ahead and try to see what is national cheapest price you can find and buy it in the state that has the lower price or the state that has the lower sales tax and this way you can earn yourself some money to spend on the more important things.

Truck Driving Shoes

Despite truck driving shoes may seem not that important from any OTR truck driver driving long Class A load you will hear the opposite. Proper shoes are such a relief compared to the normal every day shoes that the difference can’t even be presented.

Source: mammothworkwear.com

Invest some money in good shoes because they will serve for a year or even two and considering investing a hundred dollars in a pair of shoes that will help you a lot is not something driver can’t afford.

Latest health research discovered numerous positive impact of proper shoes in trucking industry and showed that driving in proper shoes makes you more relaxed and more focused so don’t wait anymore. Go and grab some good shoes for you!



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