8 Pieces of Truck Supply

8 Pieces of Truck Supply Every Trucker Needs to Have

For the purpose of the increasing efficiency and reducing pressure and making you as comfortable as we can while you drive your beast I created this small list of 10 things every Class A truck driver should have in his truck cabin:

Mobile or Smart Phone

Of course this is nothing new and we all use the cell phones for 20 years now but there is some things that can make a huge difference if you use them. Today there is unlimited number of options to buy but some of them may fit better for truck driver life.

One of the things that are mandatory is to buy yourself a smartphone. Latest market research are showing that Android powered devices are way more popular among trucking population and 91% is the market share Android devices hold in trucking industry. Almost entire remaining market size is held by Apple iPhone. So buying one of these two devices is a great way to start.

Source: www.mydrcellular.com

There is a lot of benefits having a smartphone in trucking industry and some of them could really save a lot of time and money for both you and trucking company you work but I would say the main benefits are:



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