Truck Tire Repair – All Secrets Revealed

Check The Tire Inflation

When your truck tires are under the required pressure they have a higher rolling resistance. The resistance with time will damage the tires that noticeable that you will be forced to perform truck tire repair or even to buy new tires.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

Not properly inflated truck tires may lead to:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased rolling resistance
  • Shorter life
  • More often truck tire repair

Check The Truck Tires More Often To Prevent Truck Tire Defects

OTR truck drivers need to check the truck tires every day before start with the transportation especially in the summer and winter when the temperature can drop so low or jump so high that can endanger their condition.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

On the summer days check the truck tires every time you park on a truck stop. Short check up will not hurt anyone. The high temperatures will cause a heat buildup inside the truck tires which can easily lead to tire blowouts.

Buy Winter Tires For Winter Conditions

The winters in some parts of US can be extreme, especially in the past few years so all-season tires would not meet your needs. Also, all-season truck tires are more exposed to the damage and that is why you need to buy winter tires if you want to prevent truck tire defects.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

In the past few years, we have winters with low temperatures and a big amount of snow that couldn’t be handled without proper equipment including winter truck tires. The tire industry for these types of conditions developed tires with deeper treads and special pattern design that will help the truck drivers to move a loaded truck even in the extreme conditions.

Important is that you will prevent truck tire defects during the low temperatures with having tires that are compatible with those conditions. Driving on winter truck tires with specially designed rubber and specifications is a sure way to prevent truck tire repair.


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To understand this more visually I want to place the winter truck tires and all season truck tires in one ring.

Winter Truck Tires vs. All Season Truck Tires

Before starting with explanation I want to point that features between winter and all-season tires are different on:

  • Tread rubber material
  • Tread depth
  • Tread patterns

Being a truck driver means be prepared in every situation. Maybe the winter last year brought the small amount of snow but there is never a guaranty that it will be same as the last year. Having winter tires on your truck is being a real professional who cares for the security of the load and the people around.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

Icy roads were always a major problem for truckers, to be honest, it is hard to drive a car on an Icy road and even harder to drive a monster machine/truck on that road. Truck drivers are modern cowboys they ride the angry monster making them obey the rules.

Sometimes the trucks are passing through mountains where the snow is always present and combined with the low temperatures icy roads are permanent visitors. OK, let’s starting with the battle that I promised.

On the first corner is the last year winner the… winter tires and the opposite corner all-season tires. Let the battle begin )))))

Winter Truck Tires All season Truck tires
Rubber Specification The structure of the winter truck tires stays flexible in those low temperatures providing great surface contact. Best for snow and black ice When the extreme temperatures heat the rubber of the all season truck tires will become harder and the contact to the ground of the road will be low
The surface of the winter tires has holes that improve the braking. Aggressive tread design allows driving even in the most snowed areas.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

Not so aggressive tread that provide better driving performance on dry area or area with small amount of snow where the weather conditions are warmer.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

  • Tread depth – Tread Depth of all-season truck tires is not deep enough as it is on the winter tires. As deeper the tread goes as much stability provide to the truck. Moving through a snow won’t be a problem for you if you have winter tires on your truck.

Don’t Mix The Truck Tire Brand To Prevent Truck Tire Defects

Mixing tires is never a wise thing to do when we are changing car tires and even more when we need to change the truck tires. Truck tires like I said before are the mostly exposed on the weather conditions and every manufacturer has different specifications and by that, i mean that every tire has the different breaking point on some condition.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

Here are few tips:

  • Never mix winter tires with all-season tires
  • Don’t mix truck tires with different patterns
  • Never mix truck tires from different manufacturer
  • Never mix truck tires with deferent tread size

How To Repair Truck Tire

When you need to repair truck tire you need to do that perfectly and for that reason, I will share few tips and tricks how and when to repair truck tire. First I want to mention that every truck injury is not repairable like tire injury extended into the shoulder area or into the belt.

The truck tires need to be properly repaired to avoid unexpected defects on the road and additional expenses for additional repairs. Also when you repair tire you have to be careful with the tools and the maneuvers to protect the undamaged area.

You need to know exactly how to repair truck tire. Bad repair can cost you tire defect after a few miles which might cause an accident and we all know how dangerous that can be. The tire defect on a small car can be dangerous and a tire defect on a semi truck is the ultimate danger. The weight of the truck combined with the weight of the freight plus the truck dimensions can smash everything around just in a blink of an eye.

Again I feel that I need to mention that every truck tire can’t be repaired for example If the truck tire has radial tire sidewall leak that tire need to be replaced not repaired.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

Below I will explain How To Repair Truck Tire step by step for you:



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