Truck Tire Repair – All Secrets Revealed

History of the Tire

Before I start sharing secrets about the truck tire repair I want to go back in the beginning when the truck tire was born. The type of tires we have now is not nearly similar to the tires of the first vehicles. The history of tires has its own ups and downs.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

The tires that were used in the 19th century were used for wagons and carriages and the tires were actually a steel strip on the wheels. Years after the steel strips were changed to natural rubber strips which improved the shaking for a bit, but however, the hard rubber was directly exposed to the weather conditions.

  • Winter temperatures made the rubber harder and not comfortable for driving
  • Summer temperatures are making the rubber softer and gummy which entailed a tire deformations

Near the 1880s the bicycle was very popular even with the uncomfortable tires. In 1888 John Dunlop a Scottish engineer watching his son struggling with the rough ride of his tricycle got an idea how to improve the structure of the tires. He developed the first air filled pneumatic tire which was a stepping stone to the modern tire technology.

Truck Tire Repair All Secrets Revealed

Interesting is that just a few years later the Edouard Michelin give his signature in the tire industry with developing the first Clincher pneumatic tire which is easily removable for repair. With this new approach starts the new perception of tire quality and performance.

As the tire performance jumped few steps ahead, the driving speed also grew up. The speeds of transportation achieve the new level. In 1959s the tubeless tires hit the tire industry with new options such as:



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