Ultimate Guide To Get Class A CDL License

Truck drivers are not allowed to :

  • Drive if they’ve been drinking alcohol and the concentration is .04% or higher;
  • Cause any fatality through negligent operation ;
  • They are not allowed to drive CMV while their license for CDL is suspended;
  • Drive recklessly and negligently ;
  • Truck drivers are not allowed to text while driving;
  • Change lanes improperly;
  • To drive with excessive speed of 15 mph over the limit;


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If truck drivers are caught not respecting the rules , their license will be suspended for a period of time. In case if a truck driver commits a serious traffic violation while driving a truck , his license can be taken from 60 up to 120 days .The period of suspension depends on the fact- how long does the driver has his license.

Learn General Class A CDL Rules

Moreover, as a truck driver that has obtained a class A CDL license you will have to learn the general rules and regulations that you will have to respect. Few of those rules are:

  • A driver that has obtained one CDL license is not allowed to have more than that. In case if a driver breaks the rule he may pay a fine or go to jail;
  • Each driver in the company must give to the employer information about the driving jobs that they have been working in the past few years. That is a “must” for commercial drivers job;
  • If your license is suspended or revoked the driver is not allowed to drive a commercial vehicle;
  • In case if you are convicted for any violation you must inform his employer for that;

Every state has it’s own requirements for CDL licensed drivers. You must follow the rules and regulations that are set by the state in which you are living ,and in the states in which you are planing to operate.


To sum up , obtaining class A CDL license can bring you many benefits. By going on the training for CDL license you will gain additional skills and you are going to feel more confident on the road. Not to forget that the salaries of truck drivers with class A CDL license are higher than the salary of other truck drivers. Nevertheless , certified CDL truck drivers have wider range of opportunities and can find more flexible positions that do not require supervision.



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