Ultimate Heavy Duty Truck Guide

Ultimate Heavy Duty Truck Guide

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But no one stops to think, how? How does it get there? Oh, sure a few people see the trucks and even some work in industries where they load and unload them, but how many of us really stop to think where does it all come from?

Oh, sure we get upset when something is out of stock.We will usually ask the magic question, “Do you have more in the back”? We ask this like as if Santa’s elves have a workshop back there just tinkering away making it all right there on the spot. But that just isn’t so. You need trucks to fill those shelves and warehouses!


Everything is Transported by Trucks

Everything must arrive somehow and that somehow is by truck. Whether it is the new car you wish to purchase or your fresh loaf of bread, it was all delivered by a heavy duty truck of some sort. The workers in their cubicles type away on the keypad, with no thought that the equipment and furniture has been delivered by trucks.


Everything from the socks on your feet to the hat on your head was delivered by trucks. Even the building materials used to build your house, your office, your school, your vehicle, everything at one point or another was hauled there by a heavy duty truck.

Generate 5% of Annual GDP

You might think that is a lot, but considering that everything relies on trucking and transportation, 5 percent is a huge number! Think of all the things made and/or sold in the USA from food to furniture, so as we spend billions the trucks keep bringing us more!Now if that doesn’t make you think, then try this number.


The transportation and logistics industry amounted to $1.5 trillion in America’s GDP! It has been growing this year, so for the upcoming year, the experts are thinking it will be more. So if this one industry amounts to that, imagine what all the other industries will be like, and all thanks to the heavy duty trucks.

Employees 4 Million Class 8 Truck Drivers

Currently, in the USA we have approximately 4 million professional truck drivers! And they say the need for qualified drivers is growing every year. This number doesn’t include all the other personnel involved in the trucking industry. From truck dispatchers, sales people, brokers, warehouse workers to enforcement agents.


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That also fails to include all the industries that are directly and/or indirectly affected by the industry. These include the heavy duty truck manufacturers, clothing companies, truck stops, heck, even the truck mattress companies.


There are aftermarket shops specializing is truck accessories and even gifts for truckers, LED lighting, route optimizers and other mobile applications, tools and programs, all geared towards the industry.

So there is no doubt about it, just like the mule was once the backbone of the freight industry it is now the heavy duty truck! Never under estimate the importance of being a truck  driver, working in a carrier company, or other related industry, and at the same time consider this the next time you’re in a store and they are out of a particular product.


I’ve mentioned this; one too many times, in almost all of my articles bet let me say it again.Without class 8 trucks U.S.A. would stop functioning in no time! Trucks and truckers are moving America forward! So, class 8 trucks or with other words heavy duty trucks, have a ton of uses and are an asset to any transportation company; as a matter of fact, they are essential to the trucking industry!

So make a good research into what’s available out there in the big market of heavy duty trucks, and make sure that the models that you‘ve chosen truly fit your business.And don’t forget to perform regular fleet maintenance.

That’s right; you didn’t think I would talk about heavy duty trucks and not stress the importance of proper truck maintenance, did you?Observe the manufacturer’s suggestions, change the oil regularly, rotate the tires, and everything else on a routine schedule.This can ensure you that the heavy duty trucks that you are operating run properly.

What uses does your organization have for heavy duty trucks? What suggestions would you offer a first-time buyer, when it comes to heavy duty trucks?  We will like to hear your opinion so please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestion with us.



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