Weather And Climate Impacts On Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

The tricky thing about snow squalls is that they generate without conditions.

commercial motor vehicle safety snow

So, if it happens that you are on the road while snow squalls happen, then you should know that the sheer intensity of snow can cause rapid glazing and by that to have a negative impact on commercial motor vehicle safety.

Most people believe that snow squalls are the precursors to the arrival of arctic air masses.

Impaired Visibility and Fog Impacts On Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

Intense storms, smog, dust, as well as coastal and ground fog can result in impaired visibility.

When truck drivers operating a commercial motor vehicle happen to drive through impaired visibility they should be highly alarmed.

That is so because impaired visibility can cause loss of control and increased risks of collisions between vehicles and roadside structures.

commercial motor vehicle safety Visibility and Fog

Hence, impaired visibility and fog can disrupt the commercial motor vehicle safety in a large scale.

Truck drivers should be careful of the lowered visibility because it poses a safety risk to them as well as to the people engaged in the transportation process. Fog can lead to multivehicle accidents.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety transportation process

Impaired visibility and fog impacts on commercial motor vehicle safety because due to that truck drivers won’t be in the situation to become more difficult to see. That can lead to human error.

Yet, the impaired visibility and fog can impact as well on scheduled delays.

Drought Impacts On Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

Prolonged periods of heat can impact on commercial motor vehicle safety.

But, in what way can droughts impact on commercial motor vehicle safety?

Well, drought or prolonged periods of heat when combined with strong winds can lower the visibility from the airborne dust and sand. It is impairing the visibility of truck drivers.

commercial motor vehicle safety kenworth truck

Also, droughts besides having an impact on commercial motor vehicle safety can have an impact as well upon their loads. Very dry weather can cause to lowering the agricultural commodities. That means that trucking companies will lose their loads.

Evidence of Climate Change

The trucking industry is witnessing few direct global pieces of evidence of climate change.

First and foremost, I would start from the fact that the average Arctic temperatures have increased twice the average rate in the past 100 years.

Later on, it has brought heavy precipitation events in frequency over most land areas, due to the increase in average atmospheric water vapor content.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Fog

Few research bodies in the USA such as are the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have started with the evaluation of the risk that the human-induced climate change can cause, and what the impacts on commercial motor vehicle safety can be.

In addition, the U.S. Climate Change Science Program is as well integrating Federal research. This Federal research is based on the climate and the global change by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Economic Council as well as the Office of Management and Budget.

Weather and Coastal Impacts On Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

If you are hitting the road and your route implies driving through the coastal areas of the U.S. then you should be well aware of the weather forecasts in those regions.

Well, I’m emphasizing this point mainly because tropical and extra-tropical storms have a great impact on the overall transportation infrastructure and the transportation process itself.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Weather and Coastal Impacts

Henceforth, for example, the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut regions are pretty much vulnerable to extra-tropical cyclones that can impact the commercial motor vehicle safety. So, when driving in these regions be alerted on time about the weather.

The Impact Of Crosswinds And Tornadoes On Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

Even high-profile trucks can be exposed to strong winds.

Crosswinds can induce control problems, and by that, they can cause a negative effect on motor vehicle safety operations.

As well, crosswinds not only that they can have a negative impact on commercial motor vehicle safety, they have as well a huge impact on the increasement of the fuel consumption. By that, it is also causing additional stress on the transmission as well as on the engines.

On the other hand, we can see that tornadoes bring and pose way more significant threat to commercial motor vehicle safety.

Hence, each state should prepare truck drivers for wind speeds as well as highway safety.


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Regulatory Tips: Trucking companies should plan the trips and schedule it in advance, but what they should not forget is to check the weather conditions. If there are adverse weather conditions the trucking company should make conscious decision and to decide whether they are going to leave their truck driver to make the scheduled delivery.

Simply said trucking companies should make improved decisions for scheduling as well as routing.

That will definitely bring improved commercial motor vehicle safety performance.

One thing is for sure, trucking companies should take into consideration to expand the research into the role of human factors when it comes to responding to adverse weather conditions.

Role Of New Technology And Its Impact On Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

The new technology is constantly advancing, by that it has a huge impact on commercial motor vehicle safety. Of course, in a positive way.

So, one of the best new technology developed for commercial motor vehicle applications is the concept of telematics.

commercial motor vehicle safety truck New Technology

For example, the telematics have numerous features that enable truck drivers and trucking companies to include navigation, automated routing, as well as vehicle and driver monitoring.

The main reason why I highly recommend the usage of telematics is due to the feature that they offer in regards of the weather forecast information for points along the route that truck drivers are driving.

commercial motor vehicle safety truck driver

If you weren’t informed, the telematics control unit interfaces with wireless and satellite networks. The wireless and satellite networks enable them to receive and send information from service providers.

What Is The Statement Of The DOT About Climate Change?

The Department of Transportation is well aware of the negative weather and climate impacts on commercial motor vehicle safety.



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