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Discover What You Need To Know About Cross Border Shipping

There are still more loopholes in the shipping of goods from Mexico to USA. To avoid this thing, the US government strives to eliminate the malpractices and import of illegal goods. The Mexican market mainly supplies agricultural and raw products to the US industries.


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As a result the goods coming to US are subjected to serious inspection. It is safer to carry only legal goods from trusted shippers in order to avoid complexities in the US, because if caught in custody the trucker is held accountable for the illegal stuff. In Mexico the rule is opposite of the rest of the world. You are guilty unless you are proven innocent. Being careful is better than being sorry.

Customs brokers in Mexico play a key role in cross border trade as well as shipping. Try to have a reliable broker and sign a long term agreement with them to benefit the most.

In Mexico the practices are much different from those in the rest of the US so when you are in Mexico it is a good practice to adapt to and follow the Mexican practices that can help you in adjusting there and making your trade flourish. LTL shipments are a headache in Mexico they are time consuming and costlier than the others.

Avoid shipping the LTL shipments as long as possible.

It is better to have an insurance when in Mexico. The Mexican rules make you bound to pay 15 times the charges per ton to the customer in case the shipment is lost or damaged. Having an insurance can save you some money if the shipment is lost or damaged.
Moreover, if you have an insurance you can offer an insurance fee to the customers which can make your shipment terms and conditions more attractive for the customer.

Future of Cross Border Shipping

Trade between USA and Canada and USA and Mexico is as old as the countries themselves. The neighbors have been providing each other with goods, products and services for very long.

Before the NAFTA agreement was signed there were a number of obstructions specially on the cross border trade between Mexico and America. Since the NAFTA is signed the trade volume has increased about 4 times.

The trucking needs have also increased that much. The modern time facilities and advanced trucks have made the trucking job easier and safer. Competition in the field is increasing day by day as more and more companies are stepping in to the business to provide better and less costly services.

Shipping to Canada mainly includes furnished products and electronics. Canada’s main export goods purchaser is America and Mexico supplies a number of raw materials and unfurnished products to America so all the three have a trade route which means that the trucking business can never go in loss. We are expecting a very bright future for the companies operating cross border.



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