Why Is It So Important To Obey The Hours Of Service (HOS) Rules and Regulations?

Seldom, I have dedicated this article to all the aspects that HOS’s rules and regulations cover.

Let’s leaf through the information that I have selected for you!

1. What Are The Hours Of  Service Regulations?

The hours of service are in fact the hours that a truck driver can spend behind the wheel, performing the transportation process from the pickup up to the final destination point.

Henceforth, the first time that these rules and regulations were implemented in the trucking industry was back in the 1930s. Since its introduction, these rules have remained the same up until 2015, when FMCSA issued new rules and regulations in regards of truck driver’s on-duty and off-duty time.

Yet, the new rules that this organization issued not only that were touching the truck driver’s on-duty and off duty, but also there were new changes made in regards of drivers daily log.

The final rule that was issued by FMCSA included a whole new change for keeping all the important data and information that the truck driver, as well as the trucking company should have in their register, that change turned out to be the ELD- Electronic Logging Device.



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