10 Best Reality Trucking TV Shows Ever

World’s Toughest Trucker is definitely one of the most popular reality trucking TV shows ever, this show has attracted more than 60.000 applications from truck drivers that wanted to be part of it. The winner of series one is Englishman Stuart.

10. Highway Thru Hell

Highway Thru Hell is a reality trucking TV show that has been inspired by a recovery towing company in Hope, British Columbia.

Therefore this trucking show is focused on the daily operations of this trucking company, especially on the operational hardships.

Source: www.eyeoncanada.ca
Source: www.eyeoncanada.ca

The people that created this reality trucking TV show are Mark A. Miller, Neil Thomas, and Kevin Mills. Therefore, this reality trucking TV show was filmed in the winter of 2010 until 2011, and was shown for the first time on Discovery Channel- Canada in 2012.

If you enjoy watching how truck drivers manage to drive through steep hills, lethal drop-offs, or rockslides, then you should take a look at Highway Thru Hell.

What Are The Benefits From Reality Trucking TV Shows

Thereafter, as I mentioned before reality trucking TV shows do bring numerous benefits to their viewers.

So, the main audience of reality trucking TV shows are clearly the people that are engaged in this industry, as well as the people that want to learn more about the way how trucking businesses are functioning.

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The most positive benefit that reality trucking shows is their addressing to numerous social, truck driver, as well as customer issues.

Therefore, the reality trucking TV shows are introducing all facts and figures about truck drivers’ lifestyle. These shows have initiated people to raise their awareness of what really is happening in truck drivers’ lives.

Thanks to these trucking TV shows people nowadays pay more attention to the realities of trucking. Luckily the pros of reality trucking TV shows have weighted out the cons.

Trucking is very rewarding career, but only for the truck drivers that are brave and strong enough to conquer every road, even the deadliest roads on this planet.

Finally, the most important benefits from reality trucking TV shows are the tips and tricks that you will learn from the experienced truck drivers that are part of these shows.


To conclude, this mass culture that we are living in has brought us reality trucking TV shows, and to be sincere, it has brought us only good things. Through reality trucking shows people are getting in touch with truck drivers, as well as with the trucking industry somehow, which can bring only positive income.

What do I mean when I say that reality trucking TV shows will bring us only positive income? Well, when you show the real face-the reality that is taking place in truckers’ everyday life, only then people would be able to understand, as well as to accept what the people in this industry are doing; they can learn from it.

Thereupon, what else would I like to tell you, except have respect for the people that are doing load transportation every day, for the people that keep America moving, and learn from them, learn from their persistence.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. If you have something that you would like to add up, you are free to do it in the comment box below.



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