10 Best Reality Trucking TV Shows Ever

Source: www.tehparadox.com
Source: www.tehparadox.com

In general, the ice road truckers or better known as “polar bears” are operating in the Arctic areas of Canada and Alaska. Their series are based on Dalton Highway and Manitoba’s winter roads, which are most of the time covered by snow.

There are also, however further points to be considered which are the ferocious storms and freezing temperatures. The ice road truckers are confronting deadly ice crossings on a daily basis; this reality trucking TV show displays the real picture of it.

Thereupon the truck drivers in this series are mainly travelling through the following roads and areas:

This reality trucking show so far is featuring 10 Seasons. Given these facts we can see that the ice road truckers have nerves of steel and have found a way to operate successfully in these weather conditions.

3. American Trucker

American Trucker is one of the best USA reality trucking TV shows. The person that is hosting this trucking show is Robb Mariani.



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