10 Secrets To Find Trucking Business For Sale

Source: www.lsuhospitals.org
Source: www.lsuhospitals.org

Since there are numerous forms of newsletters, I decided to select few forms that will be the most useful for you. So, let’s see:

  • Local Broker Newsletters– This kind of newsletter is most commonly published by brokers that are listing businesses for sale;
  • Regional and National Newsletters– These newsletters are published by people that are providing numerous listings in a wide range of categories;
  • Newsletters from Coalition Business Brokers– In general, these newsletters are featuring advertisements for specific market area;

6. Gather All The Information That You Need For The Trucking Business That You Are Interested In

A starting point for gathering all the information that you need for the trucking business that you are interested in is figuring out if the owner of the trucking business is in a hurry to sell.

Source: www.lpinsurance.com
Source: www.lpinsurance.com

This is a very important detail when choosing to buy a trucking business because it has happened many times that there are hidden problems, for example, debts and large fall in profit.

Moreover, gathering as much information as you can about the trucking business for sale can lead you only to making the best decision.

This information shall include all important points of every trucking business, starting from the fleet of the trucking company, the employees, up to the deals that the particular trucking business that you are interested in has made so far.

7. Make a Price Valuation Of The Trucking Business

In general, the real value of a trucking business can vary dramatically, and it all depends on few facts and figures. Changes in the marketplace, as well as the invention of new technologies, can affect in a great measure on the value of the trucking company.

It has happened many times that a trucking company which is valued in the billions to be sold for fraction of that. What might seem scary to you is that this can happen in just one year.

The major valuation societies in the U.S. are:

Source: www.springhillrealestate.com.au
Source: www.springhillrealestate.com.au

As you can see, the valuation of a trucking business for sale is important, but still, it might not be crucial. Thereupon, how can you evaluate a trucking business for sale on the easy way? Which factors shall you take into consideration?

Since you are a buyer, it is logical that you will determine the value of the trucking business upon your own needs.

So, the easiest way how you can perform the valuation is through taking into consideration the properties of the trucking business, altogether with the investments that the company has done in trucks and equipment.

Also, you will have to check if the trucking business for sale has any loans. In addition, you can request documents about their current profit as well as of their profit in the past.

8. What Kind Of Equipment and Machinery Does The Business Currently Owns?

Buying a trucking business for sale is a huge investment, so when doing the final decision, whether to make or not to make that investment, you should take one significant factor into consideration.

That significant factor is the equipment and machinery that the business currently owns.

On the other hand, it would be the easiest to set a deal without taking this into consideration. But I do believe, if you have at least few years of experience in the trucking business, then you would know precisely where to set your attention to when buying a trucking business for sale.

Source: www.mechanicadvisor.com
Source: www.mechanicadvisor.com

You should bear in mind that if you choose to buy a trucking business that doesn’t have quality trucks, as well as quality equipment, you will loose a lot of money.

It is simple as that, let’s imagine the situation where you buy a trucking company that has un-functional equipment and machinery, what would happen then? First of all, your employees won’t be in the position to fulfill their daily load transportation duties.

Second, of all, that will lead you to loose customers. And last, but not least, you will spend more money than you will be able to make, and that is not why you wanted to buy that trucking company, am I right?

Play smart, take all facts and figures into consideration!

9. Get Information About The Financial Documents and Contracts

One of the main keys that you will have to ask for before making any final decision, is asking the owner of the trucking business that is for sale to provide you with all the financial documentation of the company.

These financial documents shall include tax returns, sales records, accounts receivables, as well as financial statements.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

This tip no. 9, or that is to say secret no. 9, makes it all crystal clear why it is good that you take an accountant with you when making this kind of appointments with sellers. What is more important, the accountant that you are going to choose to take with you should be familiar with this type of business.

If you want to make a successful business then you should check out everything before buying it, including the leases, the distribution agreements, as well as the purchases.

10. Close The Deal

After enumerating all facts and figures, it is time for the last step, which is sealing the deal. In order for you to close a deal, you will have to put all documents together. The documentation shall include notes, legal documents, as well as agreements.

Source: www.propertymasteryacademy.co.uk
Source: www.propertymasteryacademy.co.uk

As you know, before sealing the deal you will have to get in touch with your lawyer, so that you can review everything together, before making the last and most important step.


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Make sure that you start the process of sealing the deal on the right foot. It is really important that you make this final step in accordance with the rules and regulations. How you are going to incorporate the company will reflect significantly in the way that you are going to lead your future trucking business.


To sum it up, incorporating a new trucking company is hard, but at some points of view buying an already established trucking business might be a bit harder. Therefore, in order to make  the process of buying a trucking business for sale easier, I have decided to select these 10 secret tips that you had the chance to read about.



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