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11 Great Mobile Apps That Will Make Trucker’s Life Easier

This allows for real time updates of traffic related issues, finding the best truck stops, rest areas, sharing weigh station updates, and related information. Recently, they have expanded their services to include an app for both brokers and carriers.

Two nice things about this app are: the real time social interaction with other drivers and it’s free, for drivers. This helps reduce the delays caused by not knowing the issues that may lie ahead. For Brokers and carriers, they will speak with you based on your needs and services.

11 Mobile Apps 10Source: apkpure.com

User reviews:     Most users were positive, though the screen tends to get clutter/crowd.

BigRoad Free Trucker Log Books

One of the hassles in this industry is the log books. BigRoad electronic logs application lets you create a good clean, inspect able log. It tracks hours of services, saving you lots of time.

Big Road is quick and easy to use; works both with US and Canadian regulations, and it allows you to send your documents straight from your mobile device. Another added benefit it it’s free for individual drivers.

They do offer services for fleets, starting at $15.00 a month. A good feature about their additional services, DashLink, their engine connected solution. It automatically creates duty logs, is portable between any driver and / or vehicle, and is very user friendly (no printer required). Their real time fleet management tools help to proactively manage possible issues and prepare for inspections.

11 Mobile Apps 11Source: blog.bigroad.com

User reviews: There were not a lot of reviews for BigRoad; however, everything I found was positive.

Truck GPS Route Navigation

There are several GPS systems available. Many of the apps mentioned offer that as a service, within their product. A good GPS is essential for any driver. This allows for route planning and tracking.

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There are numerous apps that are available for download straight to your phone, tablet, or other device. However, it is advised to have a good GPS system. They can get expensive a couple thousand dollars, or you can get one for as low as $80.00.

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However, there is one thing that every experience driver will tell you: “Get an updated old-fashioned map book”. That is just in case, because you never know…


As you can see there are numerous tools available to aid you as you set out to trek across the country. Check the reviews, check with your fellow drivers, and the dispatchers. Depending on the organization you work for they may supply and/or recommend apps. They may provide many of the electronic tools you will need. But it doesn’t hurt to find out what is available, and what is best for you. All those technology trends are out there, take advantage!

Remember, prices change (check for accuracy), equipment changes, even the road can change. But the one thing that will never change is need for drivers to deliver the goods and services across our great nations!

In regards to helping improve service and aid in making the driving experience better, please share your thoughts. Which apps do you use?




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