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23 Short GPS Facts to Truly Blow Your Mind

Yet, this fact brings on the plate interesting information – Each GPS satellite orbits the Earth at least once in every 12 hours.


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5. LORAN and Decca Navigation System

LORAN and Decca Navigation System were used during World War II.

The prime purpose of the GPS was to help in the navigation of planes and ships in a long range.

6. Identification of The Satellite in Its Orbit

The very first time when the identification of the Satellite in its orbit was determined by two American physicists was when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957.


7. Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect has soon become the key point in using GPS tracking devices.

For many years the Doppler Effect has been overlooked due to the fact that it is providing worse accuracy than the standard method of GPS positioning is providing.

Moreover, the Doppler Effects might not be the most accurate ones but can be obtained even in really bad weather conditions.

8. GPS was first used by the US for military purposes

During the period of the cold war, there was a high need for a global navigation system. So, it can be considered as a trigger to the introduction of the actual GPS tracking device that we are using nowadays.


9. The navigation of Navy was being used far before the GPS came into action

The Navy has always had a need for a faster navigation system in order to perform their high-speed air force operations properly.

10. GPS was called Navstar

The very first satellite that was launched was called Navstar. The launching of this satellite took place in 1987.

Whereas, the first fully developed GPS satellite was launched in 1989.

11. GPS was open to the public following a disaster

It was back in the day when the Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by the Soviet Union when the President Ronal Reagan enabled the access to the United States military satellite navigation system – the GPS that we are using nowadays.


12. High GPS signals were confined to military use

The GPS for civilian purposes that is being used nowadays is way more accurate than the GPS that was used back in the day.

Yet, the fact remains the same- the GPS signals were primarily confined to military use.

13. GPS was first introduced in automobiles in 1996

14. There are 31 Active Satellites in the Orbit

Thanks to the advancements that the GPS system has gone through, it has achieved to become a part of every gadget that we are using nowadays.


15. GPS is Not all about Navigation

You couldn’t be more wrong if you thought that the GPS is all and only about navigation.

More precisely, the GPS tracking device thanks to the atomic clocks that it consists of – can determine the accurate time as well.

The signals that the GPS tracking sends are used to set the time in the mobile phones.

16. GPS Shoes are the New Tracking Reality

These days besides the GPS asset trackers we can find GPS shoes as well.

In general, the GPS shoes are used to locate people with Alzheimer’s disease.


17. The GPS navigation system was invented by

Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory,  Ivan A. Getting of The Aerospace Corporation, and Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research Laboratory

18. No private company owns a GPS satellite

The total number of satellites out there counts to 33. Out of which only 31 satellites are in the orbit.

Yet, the GPS constellation is composed of a minimum of 24 satellites.

So, in general, if a user wants to locate a device – then it will be required 4 satellites to achieve that.


19. NO private company controls or leases GPS Satellites

The GPS satellites are solely operated and owned by the U.S. Government and Department of Defense.

Whereas, the daily operations of GPS satellites are handled by the U.S. Air Force 2nd Space Operations Squadron at Scheiever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

20. Fast and easy installation

Did you know that the installation of a GPS car, GPS truck, and GPS asset tracking systems are really fast to install?


Well, the installation process is very simple and easy. By that, what the user has only to do is to plug directly the device into the onboard diagnostics ports. These ports are available on most vehicles nowadays.

So, its users should know that the installation of GPS devices is safe and easy for anyone to install.

21. Easy To Use System

GPS systems are easy to use because of its simple and intuitive nature.

Most of all, the GPS can be operated by the user from any mobile phone, computer, or tablet device. All that the user has to have is access to the internet.


So, the GPS user does not have to undergo training classes or difficult software to master.

Straight proportionally it means that everyone has the ability to use it and to view the location of its vehicle or other assets.

22. The Accuracy of the GPS depends upon the size of the chip

Most GPS users do not show the exact location of a vehicle or an asset.

Moreover, that is due to the fact that the GPS accuracy depends upon the size of the chip that the device has.

The larger the chip is the more accurate the reading of the device will show.

23. GPS systems enable users to save locations or waypoints

Amongst the best features that GPS systems are providing to its users is the one that they are enabling users to save locations and waypoints.


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The purpose of saving the locations and waypoints is to help the user to use the same ones for future navigation.



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