amazing GPS facts

23 Short GPS Facts to Truly Blow Your Mind


Moreover, GPS devices are orbiting in 6 different orbit paths. These orbit paths are helping the GPS receivers to provide a continuous signal to the Earth.

In the first place, the GPS system in order to provide accurate information it should receive at least signal from 4 satellites.

The data that the receiver is obtaining from each satellite is used to calculate:

  • Latitude;
  • Elevation on Earth;
  • Longitude;

By that GPS satellites are sending out GPS time data and the location data with the help of radio waves.


Furthermore, the GPS satellites are being maintained by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – by the United States Coast Guard.

Here is a very interesting fact – there are more than 30 satellites that make the GPS system, nevertheless only 27 satellites are operating at all times.

1. Ability to Know One’s Position

The very first NAVSTAR – that is to say Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging was launched in the Global Positioning System – GPS on February 22. 1978.



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