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23 Short GPS Facts to Truly Blow Your Mind

This technologically advanced step has put one hazard of the human existence away- which is to get geographically lost.

The Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging is enabling GPS users to determine their location with a high degree of accuracy.


To continue with, the GPS solution as previously said- is a satellite-based navigation system that consists out of three segments: space, ground, and user.

So, these three segments are being run by a military organization called- the United States Space Command.

The location of this military organization is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Additionally, the command of the United States Space Command is composed of the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and the USAF. They are the ones responsible for both space and ground operations.

2. Components of the System

The GPS System is composed of a satellite navigation system.

This system consists of the following three segments:

  • Space;
  • Control;
  • User;

To start with the space component. This component consists of around 31 GPS Satellites. Yet, at any given moment there are 24 satellites that are operational in a specially designed orbit. Moreover, the aim of these satellites is to ensure that the satellites are in view at the same time from any point on earth.



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