Brake Calipers

7 Dangerous Signs That You Need To Inspect Brake Calipers

This is OK to handle if you have a lot of place on the road and there is not a lot of other vehicles all around you. But imagine this situation is the packed highway during rush hour and 100ft in front of you there is stopped car.

Brake Calipers

Not a very pleasant experience that can have as an outcome some situations that I don’t even want to write about. So as soon as you notice this situations go to nearest truck repair shop and fix this to prevent any unwanted events to occur.

4. Wheel Blocking

having a situation where you drive the truck on the road and one of your wheels once of a sudden gets blocked is very dangerous and you need to avoid it at any cost. Yes – this is possible and it happens believe it or not in a lot of cases and every time is happens it causes big problems.

Brake Calipers

In simple word this happen when brake calipers gets stacked during the driving in a way that when you press a brake pedal and release it brake calipers should return to the first position but due the poor maintenance or some failure they don’t go to first position.

The end result you have is blocked wheel, a lot of noise, smoke and probably if you don’t realize this at very beginning you will need to buy a new tire too. As soon as you notice this stop the truck immediately.

5. Weird Smellfrom Brakes

After the long drive when you decided to take a deserved brake on a trucks stop before you head towards rest room or lunch make a small walk around the truck and see if you can smell something weird like burned rubber or burned metal.

Brake Calipers

One of the possible signs that will tell you that something went wrong is also a weird smell from your truck. This usually happens because the truck brake calipers are not stacked in a way that they will block the wheel completely but they are applying small but constant pressure during drive on the brake pads and brake disc. You will notice this by weird smell and in some cases this can even burn the disc or brake pads.

Brake calipers may cause this but the reason for this can also be a old brake oil or simply the level is wrong. Check entire system to notice this.

6. Tires Warmer Than Usual

It depends what is the season of the year this could be hard to notice and I mean especially in the summer when everything is burning due to hot other is some states. But if you happen to notice this during some not so cold days this can also be a sign of mis functioning brake calipers.

Just like brake calipers can apply certain but small pressure to brakes and cause weird smell this is connected to tire temperature.

Brake Calipers

If brake calipers apply pressure to brakes during driving this will automatically lead to slower and harder wheel spinning which ultimately leads to over heating of truck tires. Pay attention to that details and if you notice both signals than you have more than obvious reason to suspect that something is wrong with brake calipers.

7. Harder/Slower Vehicle Acceleration

Only the top professional drivers can notice this and even they after noticing that something is wrong will take a look on this after checking 5 potentially wrong things.


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Hey but this is OK I understand that you go one by one thing and eliminate one by one cause and finally you determine what is it about. This signal is also directly linked to the previous two and it is a side effect number 3 that will show you something is not right.


As you were able to read there is a lot of things to have in mind how to make brake calipers working in the way that they are supposed to. But implement the procedures that will make truck drivers take a few minutes inspection ever two weeks and you will be able to eliminate the possibility of brake calipers mail functioning.



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