Brake Calipers

7 Dangerous Signs That You Need To Inspect Brake Calipers

There is a lot of reasons why trucking companies or drivers don’t pay attention to the brakes and I’ll just mention few of them so that all of us are reminded and to make a habit of checking and maintaining brakes:
– people are just used that brakes are durable and they don’t check them
– we don’t have a practice of monthly detail vehicle check
– maintenance budget is spent on tires and scheduled maintenance
– even though being instructed by company drivers don’t perform scheduled brake inspections
– when replacing the brakes companies often buy cheaper products which can’t deliver high FMCSA standards of safety and durability

So now that we detected some of the possible scenarios why brakes and the entire brake system is not at the top level I will go into more details when it comes to brake calipers.

What Are Brake Calipers

In simple words that would be a caliper that once you press a brake pedal by your foot in the car or truck will transfer and apply that pressure to brake disc. It is a middle man that has a lot of sensor on it that can include the amount of brake pads remaining life and a lot of other feature. I’m sure all of you were able to see it trough you wheels when taking a quick look on the tire. It looks like this:

Brake Calipers

On now days market there is few major suppliers that are delivering brake calipers to automotive or trucking industry and all of them look pretty similar and the way they work is quite the same. Some more advanced solutions have more braking valves that other but I don’t want to bug you with a lot of details that are not quite important here.



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