CDL Training In Winter - Pros and Cons

CDL Training In Winter – Pros and Cons

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube


Just like anything in life, there are always good points and bad once. Only you know if the good outweighs the bad.

When it comes to CDL training in winter, there are many things to consider. After all CDL training in winter is not for everybody!

I have a friend who tends to leave all important things, and get them done in summer! He wouldn’t even consider CDL training in winter!

It will also depend on your situation. Are you ok with driving in the nasty weather? How far are you willing to travel to find a school that conducts CDL training in winter? Maybe the area you leave in does not get snow very often, so you will need to travel miles and miles to get to area that have show…

Another important question is:  How much can you afford?

There are tons of questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you even choose trucking as a career field. Are you ok with lots of travel as an OTR driver or you prefer one of the local CDL jobs?

Are you okay with being away from home? And ok with driving in all kinds of weather?

If the answer of all of those questions, especially of the last question is YES, then sure you can consider CDL training in winter! It won’t matter if is a CDL training in winter or summer anyway, since you are going to be driving all four seasons anyway!

What are some of you experiences with winter driving? Did you attend driving school and CDL training in winter? If so, was the weather nasty? Do you think the experience was good? Share your stories, experiences, and ask the community what they think.



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