How To Choose Best Windshield Liquid

How To Choose Best Windshield Liquid

I always cheer for the expensive ones and I will tell you why.

  • The quality of the washing fluid determines the strength of the liquid to clean the dirt from the windshield
  • Will not lead to health problems because the liquid from the washing system will penetrate in the inside of the truck through the air ventilation and if you use windshield liquid that is health hazard you are putting yourself in danger only to safe few bucks
  • High-quality windshield liquid will not damage the surface around the washer sprinkles. The color of the truck can be damaged with low-quality washer liquid and we all know that the color layer is not just to make the truck pretty but also to protect the metal from corroding

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The choice is, of course, yours but my friendly advice is to use windshield liquid that does not harm your health but also will do improvements of the truck not to cause additional damage and additional expenses.

Sometimes you need to look in a long run and cut the things that are killing your profit on time.

High-quality windshield liquid has quality label with specification

  • Manufacturer Name and Address
  • Windshield Liquid Usage Tips
  • Description of the Product
  • List of Ingredients
  • Manufacturing date

Avoid Windshield Liquid with Methyl Alcohol

Windshield washer fluid made of methyl alcohol has a poisonous effect which only a small inhaled amount can lead to health problems. The methyl alcohol windshield liquid has a strong and very unpleasant smell and is very dangers to the health.

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This ingredient you can find on cheap washer fluids. So before you buy a windshield liquid please read the label very carefully and if the methyl alcohol is one of the ingredients put it back on the shelf and start reading another label from a different manufacturer.

Consider Concentrate

In case you don’t want to carry a big package of windshield liquid you can always use a high-quality windshield concentrate. The usage is very simple, just add the concentrate in distilled water and you are good to go.

How To Choose Best Windshield Liquid
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This mixture has the ability to kill the bacteria’s from the water and will clean your windshield perfectly. But using a concentrate requires matching the concentrate level with the water level. The proportion is specific and you can find an explanation on the back of the container


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With the washer concentrate, you should also be careful when you are choosing one. You need to check the label for health hazard ingredients, cleaning specifications and temperature specifications.

Check Forums for Customer Feedback

When I am trying to choose a product for me I am always checking the forum reviews because people are very honest and like to share the experience. People burned from some product are especially enthusiastic for comments and criticism.

I understand this totally and support it by the way. The windshield liquid that causes health problems should be put on a trial and everyone should know which washer liquid to avoid. The point is that with pointing the negative sides of the product we are helping some other guy not to make the same mistake.

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In the side of positive reviews, my experience taught me that the people in most of the cases are right for ranking that windshield liquid like high-quality one. But still, a want to make additional checkings of the manufacturer and the ingredients that the liquid is containing inside.

However, from checking the comments I am able to pull a final conclusion and investigate deeply a product that caught my attention.


Your windshield is your connection to the world. It needs to be cleaned properly to be visible without dirt stains and smudges. I will again mention the safety on the roads that are directly connected to your ability to follow every action on the road and react on time.

I like to learn from your experience and help other to choose the best windshield liquid for their trucks and protect their health from unwanted consequences. So guys please share with me your experience and give me your comment. If it is bad you will help the rest of us to avoid that product and if it is good you helped us to drive safely trough the highway and go back to our kids and enjoy their hugs and laughter. Cheers!



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