How To Choose Best Windshield Liquid

How To Choose Best Windshield Liquid

That is why I am here to give you some directions on what you need to pay attention.

The Purpose of Windshield Liquid

First, I want to explain what the windshield liquid is and to describe the function. This liquid is a lubricant for the washer liquid pump and tubes too. The windshield liquid is protecting these parts from corroding and the plastic from degrading.

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  • Protecting these parts from corroding or degrading is actually protecting the washing system in general of cracking and fluid leaking
  • With clean tubes and strong pump you can clean your windshield from dirt and foggy view which is important for providing good safety on the roads

Remember: Check the level of the windshield liquid in the reservoir to be in required level to keep the washer system sharp and functional.

Don’t Use Plain Water

Using plain water like a windshield liquid is the most dangerous and common mistake that truck drivers are making. I would say using only water can be economic but not safe way of cleaning your windshield. The trucks are exposed to dirt, air particles, traffic dust and a lot of bugs. All of these contaminations cannot be removed just with clear water.

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The second threat for your windshield wiper comes with winter temperatures. When the temperature will reach the freezing level and the water that you are calling a windshield liquid will freeze and your windshield reservoir will become just a block of ice.



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