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Learn 10 Secret Ways How To Use Webasto System

Webasto is one of the many innovative vehicle accessories available. Any good business needs to find ways to shave cost. As we all know the economy has not been kind to many of us in our great country and the trucking business is facing there are so many challenges as of right now.


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With additional regulations and increasing competition it’s a fight for survival, one could say. We are constantly looking for a ways to save and reduce the overall cost in the trucking industry world. These are both in the trucking office and finding effective ways that will keep our trucks on the road.

Learn How To Use Webasto
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There are many ways of doing this. One of the main ways, as I have mentioned previously, is through preventative truck maintenance measures. Keeping your trucks in proper working order is one of the best ways to reduce potential future cost. Other cost savings can be buying in bulk your truck parts, systems, and other items. Find the best deals (sales and stores) when buying things like tires, exhaust systems, truck shocks and other essentials.

Another big area for savings is of course fuel cost. Fueloyal, for example, has the Smart Fuel Cap, which can save you on cost lost through fuel theft, both at the pump and through siphoning while stopped. But, there are many other ways one can save.

Saving on fuel and finding new ways to reduce the usage of it is all we can do, since we can’t reduce the price! One of the good things is the great technologies that our industry experts have to offer on the fuel conservation side of the house. They are constantly developing technology and improving performance. This not only reduces our expenses, it helps to keep us competitive. Often we can pass these savings on to the consumer.

Learn How To Use Webasto
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This all makes it so we will be able to save the day and keep us on the right track. After all it is the trucking industry that keeps the shelves stocked. Saving money now, will keep us strong, so as the economy improves we can see those better days ahead. Until then we just don’t have any other choice than spending long hours in the office drumming up business, while our drivers are out on the open road making some dollars.

Come on people, we can do it! This is what America was built on; the ability to adapt to any situation, struggle through the hard times to make you appreciate the good times that much more. In the meantime we develop various solutions to the problem that we are facing, and find ways to cut cost!

Learn How To Use Webasto
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Some cost we can control and some we can’t. However we can find ways to reduce our overhead and cut overall expenses that kill the profit. You need your drivers and the office staff. You need your office space and the trucks. With all of these come payroll, operational expenses, insurances, and fuel cost.

Now let’s look at how we can try to reduce fuel cost. One of the ways is with the Webasto!

What is Webasto?

This is a great question. Webasto is family owned company and has been around since 1901! They are a key supplier to auto industry offering products through their two divisions, Roof & Components, as well as Thermo & Comfort (air conditioning and heating systems).

They offer several innovative products for most markets.

  • Heavy Duty Trucks (Heating and bunk cooling units, and etc.)
  • Cars (sunroofs, cold weather heating systems, convertible roofs, and etc.)
  • Marine (cooling and heating solutions, refrigeration, roofing, and etc.)
  • Light and medium duty vehicles (auxiliary HVAC systems and etc.)
  • Bus (air conditioning and heating solutions, roof systems, and etc.)
  • Special vehicles (air conditioning and heating solutions, roof systems, and etc.)
  • Defense (individualized climate solutions, shelter solutions, and etc.)
  • Recreational Vehicles (air conditioning / heating solutions, roof systems, and etc.)

Learn How To Use Webasto
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However, the focus of this article is for the commercial vehicles. As you can see Webasto produces cooling and heating solutions. They are self-contained and handle every detail from the development to the installation, they do it all. At Webasto they pride themselves in offering the highest quality products and have the experience to stand behind everything they make and sell!

What are the Benefits of Webasto?

Well besides conserving fuel, thereby reducing your expenses, it helps keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also Smartway verified by US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA and Carb approved as well! So this also helps you stay in compliance with local anti-idle laws and regulations.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

But here are just a few other benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for unnecessary idling
  • Creates no emissions, because it uses no fuel
  • Unlike many products you see the cost savings almost immediately
  • The coolant system can run for 10 hours, without needing to idle
  • It stores its energy from your truck, so it never needs batteries
  • Runs quiet and is maintenance free
  • The heating system uses less than a Gallon of fuel in a 20 hour period

This is of course only some of the benefits Webasto offers!

Learn How To Use Webasto
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Why Use Webasto During the Summer?

With their BlueCool Truck , Webasto was one of the first to offer cold energy storage for the commercial market!

BlueCool is a unit that affixes to the frame with an air unit mounted inside the truck cabin. When the truck is running power is converted from 12V DC to 110V AC by the power inverter. This operates the refrigeration compressor that freezes the stored water.

Learn How To Use Webasto
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Once the system is charged it is ready to keep your bunk nice and cool. When you stop on a truck stop or somewhere along the road to rest you can safety shut off your engine knowing the cab will still be comfortable when you return in it. The BlueCool has fan speed and temperature controls, allowing the chilled coolant to circulate through the system. This system draws in the warm air, chills it, and cycles the cool air back out. Not only does this keep you nice and cool, it can save you hundreds of dollars each month!

Learn How To Use Webasto
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Why Use Webasto During the Winter



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