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Learn 10 Secret Ways How To Use Webasto System

Most everyone knows that in cold weather engines don’t operate as efficiently as they do in warmer temperatures. Added concerns are the decrease in the useful life of your truck equipment due to added wear and tear. This means more fuel will be used, which will increase your cost.

Webasto coolant heater systems are integrated with your truck’s preexisting engine coolant circuit. This can bring your engine up to proper operating temperatures, thus eliminating cold engine starts. An additional benefit, depending on the system, supplemental heat can be provided to the cab! Imagine no more waste fuel idling when not in operation.

The coolant heaters have an available BTU/H range of 17,200 to 120,000!

What is the Actual Cost Savings of the Webasto system(s)?

Well, this of course will vary depending on which system you get and how much you choose to use it. Also the time of year will be a factor, as many times the fresh night air is great for sleeping. However, if you are like most of us, you’ll keep the windows closed and the cab can get a bit stuffy, but not with the Webasto.

But, just so you can get a general idea, let’s look at the cabin heating. If on average you heat your truck 26 weeks a year. Operate your truck 5 days a week, with an average of 4 hours idle time a day. Now, if fuel is $3.60 a gallon, you are spending almost $9,200 a year on wasted fuel cost! But if you were using the Webasto heating system you could save approximately $2,200 a year, just in fuel cost! Now, as I said results vary depending on much you use the system, but the potential savings can’t be ignored!

Learn How To Use Webasto
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Where to Find Webasto?

It is very easy to find Webasto products. With over 50 locations worldwide, 30 of which are actual production locations, chances are there’s a location near you. But don’t worry; you don’t need to travel to one of their main facilities. There are numerous authorized dealers throughout the nation, Canada, Mexico, and around the globe!


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The easiest way to find their closest dealer is to hop on the Webasto site, click the location finder, and let them do the work for you. Just type in your location, select which department you are interested in, then which product groups you needing. It is really that simple and in a matter seconds you have a list of all the dealers near you.

Learn How To Use Webasto
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Just as any business cutting cost can be an essential factor in staying competitive. As was mentioned above, there are limited ways to cut costs, without adversely affecting your trucking business. This is where finding savings by cutting potential fuel cost becomes the only truly viable option.

What is another great aspect about the Webasto family of products? They are not affected by ever changing fuel cost. They are compliant with current noise and emissions reduction regulations. But also they are cost effective, simple to operate, and can cut on potential maintenance cost.

Have you used these systems? What other ways are there to cut fuel cost, without sacrificing comfort? Share your thoughts and ideas with us.



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