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Introducing Electronic Logbook: ELD Mandate Disaster

ELD reports HOS violation automatically

Nope, it doesn’t send anything to law enforcements and doesn’t trigger violations. With ELD, an officer can see in short time if the HOS is compiled, which is a great benefit, because the driver can get back on the road more quickly.


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ELD provide remote control of a vehicle

Recording an engine data is the only interaction between vehicle and ELD. It won’t shut down your truck or take any control of it.

ELD doesn’t lower a safety risk

It’s already reported that drivers with electronic logs have significantly less crash rate comparing to drivers with paper logs.

What might be the problem?

Some predictions are suggesting that US truck industry could face a major problem considering shortage of truck drivers. It’s estimated that last year was shortage of 30.000.

Take a look at ATA’s projection for demand and supply for truck drivers.

Demand and Supply for Truck Drivers

Employers without ELDs can be more attractive to truck drivers.


Let’s be honest, manual logs were providing options for running more miles and eventually more money for drivers. Now with ELD it will be harder for them to work over the legally mandated hours, which could lean drivers to companies without e-logs.

However, this can go for two more years at the most. ELD’s are coming to the trucks, and we showed here, it’s better to get them as soon as possible.

As far as professional drivers shortage concerns, you’ll just have to pay them more. Looks like it’s good to be a truck driver these days.

Final words

Electronic logs are nothing new. They were introduced over two decades ago. Now, let’s think about it for a moment.
Back then, the price was up to $2.500 for a single device. Nevertheless, fleets have been investing in this technology, that provided them reduced paperwork, better communication and more driving time. What’s more they didn’t change it all this time. It would be pain in a neck to find a one truck driver who got back to paper logs after purchasing e-logs.

We have pointed at some potential issues referring to lack of truck drivers. But that is something indirectly related to ELD mandate, and has to do more with market itself.

Now, with all costs cut and other mentioned benefits, plus the fact that everyone will use it, you should really asks yourself: is it worth to wait for two, or even four, years to get ELD implemented?

Share your experiences and give us your thoughts.



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