Top 10 Trucking Companies In Maryland


Maryland is one of the smallest U.S. States, but that factor did not stop it from developing a successful and large trucking companies. These trucking companies play principle part of the overall U.S. and Maryland’s economy.

Although this state has diversified economy spanning manufacturing, still the biggest income comes from load transportation.

Henceforth, I’ve performed observant research about trucking industry in Maryland, more precisely about the work of the trucking companies in this state. And as I enumerated all facts and figures, I can firmly say that these 10 trucking companies that I’ve included in this article are the best, without any doubt.

The ranking of the following trucking companies was performed in accordance with the quality of the transportation services that they are providing, the fleet that they own, as well as the dedication of its truck drivers.

Let’s take a look!

10. Quest Transport LLC.

Quest Transport is one of the most reliable hazardous material carrier in Maryland. This trucking company was incorporated back in 2005. If we compare Quest Transport LLC with the other trucking companies in this state, we can see that it is one of the youngest companies, but at the same time one of the most successful as well.

Thereupon, Quest Transport has also specialized in fuel distribution. So this trucking company is mainly focused on serving the:

  • Mid-Atlantic region;
  • Virginia;
  • Washington DC;
  • New Jersey;

In a point of view of their fleet, we can see that it’s constantly growing. So far, Quest Transport owns 60 tractors altogether with 56 trailers. As I mentioned before this trucking company is among the youngest in this area with a clear vision to become one of the most innovative petroleum haulers.

Moreover, Quest Transport is committed to their customers, to whom they are providing the ultimate transportation solutions.

Nonetheless, Quest is always looking forward to implementing the latest technology gadgets. In that direction, they have put into effect a distribution management software, which provides to their customers a real-time delivery information about their loads.

Likewise, their team of truck drivers is comprised of dedicated people that are also well trained, and have at the same time obtained Class A CDL license.

9. Temp-Distribution Of Maryland Inc.

Temp-Distribution of Maryland is a trucking company which exceeds load transportation and warehousing needs. This trucking company is using advanced technology, and quality equipment, but still at the end of the day their biggest assets are the truck drivers.


Therefore, their truck drivers are giving to this trucking company a sure formula for success. So, they are dedicated, and flexible, always meeting the demands of their customers. The innovative service solutions that they are using are well known to their loyal customers too.

An amazing fact about Temp-Distribution of Maryland is that it has managed to stay part of the trucking industry since 1984. This company is privately owned and has a seasoned management staff.

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Hence, this trucking company is providing their services in:

  • New Jersey;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Maryland;
  • Delaware;
  • DC;
  • Virginia;
  • Ohio;
  • Kentucky;
  • Michigan;

As one of the top 10 trucking companies in Maryland, Temp-Distribution is operating with the latest trucks, which are equipped with all the gadgets that truck drivers have the need of. This trucking company has also specialized in sorting and segregating bulk shipments.

Thereupon, Temp-Distribution of Maryland is also offering warehousing services. What their warehousing services include is:

  • Computerized Inventory Management;
  • Pick and Pack Operation;
  • Module Building;
  • Shrink Wrapping;

Thus, I highly recommend you this trucking company if you have some of the transportation and warehousing services that they are offering.

8. Wollenweber’s Trucking And Warehousing

Incorporated in 1903 in the Baltimore-Washington area, Wollenweber’s Trucking and Warehousing has been and has remained to be one of the best trucking companies in Maryland.


Therefore, this trucking company is working with diverse national freight clientele. When it comes to its fleet, this trucking company has a full complement of Class 8 trucks and different types of trailers. So, if you are looking for a load transportation provider for your cargo, you can relay to this trucking company without a doubt.

Wollenweber’s Trucking and Warehousing are mainly focused on food grade warehousing operation. This trucking company is prepared to meet the needs of each customer, by offering them the following services:

  • Container Hauling
  • LTL Services;
  • Truckload Services;
  • Pool Distribution;

However, Wollenweber is a trucking company that has shown continuous growth over the years. Now, you might wonder what was the cause of their continuous growth? Actually, their success wasn’t due to the implementation of new technologies, but quite the opposite it was thanks to not changing anything.


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Since day one, up until today, this trucking company is led in the same old fashion way that the owner’s grandfather was leading back at the very beginnings.

Unlike, the other trucking companies that are located in Maryland, Wollenweber can proudly say that they are among the rare trucking companies that can be reached after-hours, to meet the needs of the customers.

7. Marino Transportation

Marino Transportation is a trucking company that is offering unique and dedicated transportation service solutions. Moreover, this trucking company is ranked as one of the best trucking companies in Maryland.


We are well aware that nowadays the trucking industry is constantly expanding, and by that, the marketplace is becoming competitive, especially for trucking companies.

Besides all the competition that is there on the market, Marino Transportation has achieved to stand out of the crowd comprised of trucking companies. All that is thanks to the quality services that they are providing.

Moreover, Marino Transportation is offering dependable, and time-efficient load transportation services. So, if you are in search for a load transportation provider, you can take a look at this trucking company which follows the transportation fundamentals.


However, their truck drivers are driving in accordance with the rules and regulations that are issued by FMCSA. In other words, Marino Transportation as a family owned  trucking company, which is more than 40 years part of this industry, pays enormous attention to hiring only the best truck drivers. Likewise, this company is providing additional truck driver training.



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