Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary

3. Have a Clean Driving Record

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving you need always respect the federal rules and regulations. With a bad driving record, you may not be able to get your CDL or in case you get nobody will want to higher you because the company biggest consider is the safety record.


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Because your bad driving behavior affects on the safety rating of the towing company your employers will not be willing to give you a tow truck driver salary that you will be happy with.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


4. Get Your Commercial Driver’s License

Although the CDL is required for tow trucks that haul cargo over the 26,001 pounds from the U.S. Department of Transportation some state agencies require CDL for all tow truck drivers. The Commercial Driver License is the way to train the tow driver to perform secure step by step performance.

However, it is always a good thing to have CDL if you are getting in the towing service no matter if you tow vehicles with more or less of 26,001 pounds. Having a CDL will increase your opportunities for employment in a good company and being part of a good company entails better tow truck driver salary.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


5. Good Physical and Fitness Health

One of the things that you need if you want to get into the towing segment is a good physical and fitness health. Since you will have different working hours than a regular office worker (working on irregular hours, weekend or holidays and sometimes even over time) you need to be in a great physical and fitness health.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


Most of the towing companies will require passing the vision test, the hearing test, and the fitness test together with drug screening. Having a good physical and fitness health will make you more focused and more efficient. Doing your job without mistakes will give you an opportunity to show how great you are which will lead to higher tow truck driver salary.

6. Certification

Certificates from the Towing and Recovery Association of America or from the International Institute of Towing Recovery are always an additional reason to be hired. Most of the towing companies are not requiring these certificates but if they were forced to choose between drivers with or without certificates they will always choose the driver that has these certificates.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


Tow Truck Driving School

You want good tow truck driver salary than the right point to start is to find the best tow truck driving school for you. Finding a good school that will teach you how to drive a tow truck and how to handle the truck that needs to be towed is your stepping stone.

One way or another even if you find a job that you like in a good tow truck company if you are not trained well those flaws will come out making the biggest loud that you ever heard and will slap you right in your face.

When your boss is satisfied with your performance your tow truck driver salary will go up and the numbers will get bigger and bigger. Satisfied good employee means satisfied employer.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


Having the tow truck driving school that is committed to teach you how to properly handle this job will for sure affect on your tow truck driver salary. In every career there are challenges that you need to overstep to get to the final point and the same is with the tow truck career.

The importance of the truck driving school on your career and your tow truck driver salary is huge. A good truck driving school will not just teach you how to pass the exam it will also teach you how to react when someone needs your service. This is especially crucial if you are a fresh driver of a large truck.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


Remember your tow truck driver salary will go up if you are:

  • Responsible driver
  • You can quickly and properly react on the situation
  • You are the person that your company can rely

If you have this characteristics than you don’t have to worry just take the next step and good luck.

What Is The Salary Of Tow Truck Driver

The tow truck driver salary depends on many factors such as:

  • The company that you are working in
  • The license that you have
  • The state you are
  • The hours
  • The miles …

I need to mention that the tow truck driver have 24% higher salary than other truck drivers. That means that the average truck driver salary is in the range of $35,000 to $40,000 with $55,000 for more experienced truck drivers.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


As I mentioned before a tow truck driver needs to have a proper license with proper endorsements and together with the tow driver skills and the years of service the tow truck driver salary vary from $43,000 to $50,000 and more experienced tow drivers can achieve a $68,000.

Some of the companies will also provide you with additional benefits such as:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid vacation

You need to understand that before you go and sign contract with a tow company you need to understand what is included in your salary.

How To Start a Tow Truck Company

When you are starting your own business you need to consider every factor that can influence the success. The tow truck company needs to respond to the customer requirements as soon as possible. Be aware that your services may be needed in 2 a.m. or during the weekends and holidays.

Here are few tips how to start a tow truck company:

1. Fill The Proper Papers

Before you start with anything else first you need to do is to fill the proper papers for opening a tow truck company. Maybe the best thing is to structure the business as Limited Liability Company. This type will give you more protection as an owner of that company than a sole proprietorship.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary


Check the state regulations if you need some special permits and licenses. If you have a friend that is in this business you can consult with him/her and for start it may give you directions where to start and on what to give special attention.

2. Buy Tow Trucks

After taking care of the papers now you need to buy a tow trucks. If you have enough money to buy new trucks than invest in buying new trucks and the return of your investment will be quicker. You will not have repair expenses as you will have with used tow trucks and that mean more time on field doing what you supposed to do.

My point here is that new trucks are more reliable than old ones. With the new tow trucks there is no need to care about major defects and you can focus on the other things.

Tow Truck Driver Salary 24% Above Average Salary




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