Truck Drivers Urban Legends

Horror Truck Drivers Urban Legends or True Stories

When the driver will return to the place he dropped the hitchhiker off to give the sweater back, he hears that the owner of that item died a few years ago in an accident. How creepy is this?

Trucker Gets $17,000 Ticket

Carroll is an independent trucker out of Philadelphia and on the way to drop off the load in East Whiteland Township, he missed a weight limit sign at the corner of 401 and Bear Road where he had to make a right turn and for sudden he gets lost in the Philadelphia suburbs.

That’s where the police caught up to him and gave him a $17,751.50 traffic ticket. This is a pretty much true story?

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A law prohibiting movement of trucks on certain bridges and roadways that are too heavy because they might be damaged by overweight vehicles. East Whiteland Police Department was just enforcing this law by giving $17,751.50 ticket to the truck driver.

This amount was for $150 for the fine, and $150 for every 500 pounds over the 3,000-pound weight limit.

The truck company will pay significant fees for oversized loads. You have to learn about legal things in your business range to prevent this type of legal penalties.

The Phantom of the Truck Stop

This urban legend is based on true events. Truck driver  John William “Pete” drove a tanker truck with 4,600 gallons of gasoline. On the way he sacrificed his life with crashing the tanker into the bridge abutment to avoid a school bus full of kids.

The legend says that this man pick up hitchhikers from that intersection over the years and give them a ride to some rest station.

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For this event Red Sovine in the song Phantom 309 sings about a hitchhiker who was lifted to a truck stop by the trucker Big Joe, when he informs the people in that diner who give him a ride, waiter tell him the story of the truck driver who died to save school bus full of kids. The waiter also says that he was not the first who experience this, many other hitchhikers were picked up from the Big Joe.


Мost of these stories have an ancient origin, but also have been witnessed too frequently in modern times, there is trace for existing of this creature centuries ago and this story will continue to grow and evolve in the future.

Is it true or is it just a pure folklore and legend? Many folklore stories often have origins in real events. From the point of view, it really does not matter, because as long as there is fear from something unknown, it is real at least in our mind.



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