Truck Drivers Urban Legends

Horror Truck Drivers Urban Legends or True Stories

This urban trucking legend was popularized by the Patrick Swayze movie Black Dog.

Some truck drivers said that it is like warning to get off the road and the others that it is an omen of death, sign for fatal accident that ends with the truck driver death or death of innocent people.

When a truck driver has been driving too long and he is tired and fatigued the moment he starts to fall asleep at the wheel the black dog jumps out of nowhere running toward the truck, this ghoul shows itself just before the moment of the crash.

There are different names in different parts of the world.

  • Bogey Beast (Lancashire)
  • Bargheust (Yorkshire and the North)
  • Black Shuck (East Anglia)
  • Cu Sith (Highlands)
  • Capelthwaite (Westmorland, Cumbria)
  • Guytrash Gurt Dog (Somerset)
  • Gallytrot (Suffolk)
  • Hairy Jack (Lincolnshire)
  • Mauthe Doog (Scotland)
  • Black Shuck (Suffolk)
  • Pooka (Ireland)
  • Padfoot (Yorkshire)
  • Skriker (Yorkshire)
  • Huay Chivo and Huay Pek (Mexico)
  • Uay/Way/Waay Chivo/Pek
  • Cadejo (Central America)
  • Lobizon (Paraguay and Argentina)

This fairy phantom with fire red eyes mysteriously appears and disappears bringing chaos, fear and death.

Highway 666

This deserted stretch of road originally is the 6th branch of U.S. Route 66. It’s been renamed to U.S. Route 491 because of the Satanic connotation. The road is almost 200 miles long, and runs through Colorado, New Mexico, and ends in Utah.

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This road is related to many unexplained accidents and apparition phenomena like, missing road signs, reports of demon dogs, ghostly girl in a long nightgown, flaming phantom truck it’s called The Devil’s Highway.



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