Truck Drivers Urban Legends

Horror Truck Drivers Urban Legends or True Stories

Flaming truck – many truck drivers have witnessed this unusual event that is associated with the story of a very fast flaming phantom truck where sparks are flying off everywhere.

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Satan’s Coach or Satan’s Sedan – Satan’s Speedway or the Devil’s Highway is connected with the large black sedan that shows out of the darkness behind motorists and bump or smash into them, no matter of the driving speed. This Sedan is driven by invisible driver only a shadow figure is hunched over the wheel.

The hounds of hell – this is another strange event where a pack of demon dogs with yellow eyes and sharp teeth are able to run as fast as a vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle as shredding the rubber tires, or crashing  through the windows of speeding vehicles tear the passengers to pieces. Believes are that this Black Dogs are joined by Lucifer himself.

A girl in a long nightgown – People see her walking down the road all alone in the dark in the middle of nowhere. If They stop and try to help this pale white girl she instantly vanishes.



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