What Employees Need To Know About DOT Drug Testing

What Employees Need To Know About DOT Drug Testing


This day and age the DOT drug testing is one of the standard procedures. This is true for anybody that is in the job hunting market or is part of the work force in the trucking industry.

Not that back in the days the DOT drug testing was not required, it’s just that nowadays in the modern world that we live in, it’s very common practice.

There are not too many industries where the drug and alcohol testing are not performed. Heck, even Wal-Mart and Target have it! But the DOT drug testing is a federal requirement and is particularly geared towards the trucking industry!

2Source: www.drugtesters.net
2Source: www.drugtesters.net

With that said, all safety-sensitive employees including truck drivers, regardless if they have 15 years truck driver experience under their belt or they are rookies, have to have DOT drug testing on a regular bases.

Now, keep in mind that the DOT drug testing changes and updates very often (if not too often) so it’s important to ensure you are remaining up-to-date.

That way you as a truck driver or as one of the owners of a trucking business don’t get in trouble with the Department of Transportation (DOT).



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