10 Facts to Know When Using Truck Driver Signing Bonuses

10 Facts to Know When Using Truck Driver Signing Bonuses

So you will have the driver there, driving for you, trying to get that promised bonus and then leave. But on the flip side, at that point you also have a driver that is there just to be there till the time for leaving comes.


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He/ she will for sure not go the extra mile for you and your company, and will be less productive and just go with the flow!

For change maybe you can try with offering other benefits and awards for the drivers instead of truck driver signing bonuses.

Just as an idea, benefits like technology, cloud-based devices, and electronic gadgets for the cab are a good substitute for the truck driver signing bonuses.

Fact Number 9: What Trucking Companies Don’t Tell You?

There are Things That are Public Secrets

It does not really matter if you are a truck driver with a long years of experience or new in this field, one thing is sure thought. The sure thing is that you have seen those truck driver signing bonuses advertisements many times by now!

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Source: www.whatsupyukon.com

Despite the big “easy to earn dollars” signs and the bright colors that advertisement companies and trucking companies are using to draw your attention and get you on  board, seems like truck driver already knows what’s there for them!

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Source: www.shotinfocus.com

So, there are things that they don’t tell you, but you know them, and most people around you know them! Yet they are something like public secret!

It’s a fact that owners are desperate for drivers. That is why the truck driving signing bonuses exist at the first place. Yet, they would not come out and say it out loud.

Furthermore, it’s a fact that there are some conditions before you can enjoy the money, yet, nobody will tell you about.

Moreover, no one will tell you that it’s very hard to get to the truck driver signing bonuses. Yet, everyone knows that there are steps to be taken.

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They are commercializing them  to the point where you feel like you already have them and can enjoy them, but in reality sometimes can really be a hassle and “mission impossible”. By the time you can get them, you’ve probably forgot all about them!

I agree that it can be very exciting to look ahead and believe that besides the fact that you have this great offer from one of the best companies to work for, you are going to have and a sign-on bonus check.

But before you jump and run out to spend the money in advance because you assume will soon be yours, take a moment to make sure that they are in  your account first.

“Easy come, easy go”– is what people say!

But in this case when it comes to the truck driver signing bonuses, they might go easy but they won’t come easy, I assure you! Trust my word for it! People will not say it, but it’s the biggest truth on earth!

First you will need to roll your sleeves and do some hard work!

“The fruits will be sweet, but the sweat needs to come first!”

Fact Number 10: There is a Certain Avenue That the Sign-On Bonus Takes

When it comes to truck driver signing bonuses, you should know for fact that it’s a long and winding road before that money ever gets to you!  The check is not going to be in your hands right away, it will take some time for sure.

Truck Driver Signing Bonuses 19
Source: www.simple.com

Perhaps, your new employer didn’t tell you, neither some of the fellow drivers told you, but there could be a big delay! Some drivers wait a full year before that money hit their accounts!

Probably no one told you and the fact that you must meet and maintain certain requirements to get that truck driver signing bonuses that everyone speaks about.

Drivers will normally work for the company anywhere from six months to one year, and then maybe receive the promised bonuses.  I am saying maybe because on top of all,  many companies  will also require this period of time to be accident free and with on time deliveries as well as pickups.

Truck Driver Signing Bonuses 20
Source: www.xpo.com

We already clear up earlier that there is no shortage of CDL truck driver jobs! Jobs are there, but there are not enough drivers to fill the spots!

And yet, as silly as it might sound, the trucking companies themselves have created or better say help in creating this turn over. They know that the average new hire will most probably leave their company in few months.

That is and one of the main reasons why company owners can frilly offer big chunk of money as a truck driver signing bonuses.  They know that the chances are slim to none that the driver will stay with their company after six months or a year.

Truck Driver Signing Bonuses 21
Source: www.thebalance.com

The time is on their side, so they can promise you anything having that joker in their sleeves.

With that in mind, if a sign-on bonus is something that you are looking for then keep in mind everything that I just said. It it’s very likely you will never see it, or it will take a very long time before you see it!

Don’t feel reserved or embarrassed to ask your new employer everything you need to know about the bonus process time and expectations. After all, if you don’t like what you hear from them, you don’t have to stay with the company!

You can try and get yourself a job with other smaller trucking company or you can choose to stay with the company, but eliminate the truck driver signing bonuses from your expectations.

A Couple Bonus Facts

Oh sure, people can fill your head with lots of ideas and call them tips or facts or help. The thing to do is to take from them what is important. Try to learn from what others say. Perhaps not everyone will listen to the advises! Perhaps it won’t all pertain to you and your situation.



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