10 Interesting Facts About A Tanker Truck

10 Interesting Facts About A Tanker Truck

Not all of them will have a tanker truck, but one thing for sure, they will all have a truck dispatcher who is in charge of getting the loads to be assigned and scheduled.

There are several key points to be aware of when working as a truck driver. Safety is of course one of them. Maintenance of your tanker truck and equipment is a MUST.

The two actually go hand in hand. If your vehicle is not properly maintained and there is an accident it will reflect on your Company’s Safety Records, which is regulated and maintained by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA.

10 Interesting Facts About A Tanker TruckSource: www.en.wikipedia.org

There are several things to consider when getting a job as a tanker truck driver:

  • What is to be hauled (dangerous, chemicals, hazardous)
  • Special equipment required (personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Special training required (beyond normal driving, endorsements)

The great thing about driving, especially things out of the ordinary, is the excitement of the haul and the added pay and increased salary (for any potential risks). But not all tanker truck drivers haul dangerous chemicals.



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