10 Interesting Facts About A Tanker Truck

10 Interesting Facts About A Tanker Truck

So both, the driver and the dispatcher need to make sure everything is in order before taking/making an assignment.

Like I said every position has numerous things to consider. I can’t possible cover them all but here are 10 interesting facts about a tanker truck.

1. What Is A Tanker Truck

A tanker truck can refer to both a straight truck and a semi that hauls tanks. They are used for transporting a variety of liquids, gases, chemicals, and even bulk dry loads (grain, sand, etc.).

Typically a tanker truck is in the class 8 trucks and falls into any of the categories one would find: van/box trucks and flatbeds trucks. These being heavy duty, medium duty trucks or light-duty, based on their load capacities.

Tanker trucks can also be pressurized/non-pressurized, insulated/non-insulated, or vacuum-sealed. With some larger truck/trailer packages, they can even haul one or more loads.

Basically this means the loads will be divided while still stored in the same container. Sometimes they will piggyback multiple trailers as well.



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