10 Things You Must Know About Dry Bulk Transportation


The trucking industry is the biggest in the USA, and as such, it includes many specialized types of trucking services. One of those specialized trucking services features the operational process of dry bulk transportation.

Unlike two decades ago, dry bulk trailers have a more frequent, or better said, daily use nowadays. An interesting fact about dry bulk transportation is that more and more trucking companies in the USA are starting to implement it in their trucking business.

Moreover, the demand of dry bulk transportation services is increasing as each year goes by. If we make a comparison between the demand for dry bulk transportation this time last year, and this year, we can have it all clear that it has increased for 5%minimum.

Since the interest in dry bulk transportation is increasing, I decided to prepare this article for you, in which I included 10 things that you must know about this specialized type of freight transportation.

So, let’s take a look!

1. What Is Dry Bulk Transportation

We all know that the trucking industry is not composed only of the conventional Class 8 truck operations, but as well it includes dry bulk transportation. But, what is a dry bulk transportation? What does dry bulk operations include?

In fact, dry bulk transportation is the transportation process of dry materials. Most frequently these dry materials come in large quantities, and that is the main reason why many manufacturers are choosing this type of load transportation.

Thereupon, the dry bulk transportation includes hauling from the place of materials’ origin, transportation, and unhauling of the materials. Seeing these facts and figures, we can have a better understanding of the increased truck driver interest in dry bulk job opportunities.

Source: www.waynetransports.com
Source: www.waynetransports.com

If you want to understand the importance of dry bulk transportation, you will have to ask yourself the following question: How many materials there are in your daily life that have been transported by dry bulk trucks? Believe me that there are many more materials than you were thinking.

You can start your check from your food supply in the kitchen; did you know that many products, such as is the flour are transported by this type of specialized trailers? It is no doubt why people say that without the trucking industry, life in the U.S. would stop.

Thereupon, dry bulk transportation is used for transporting finely granulated, dry, as well as other pourable goods.

Nowadays, we can see that dry bulk transportation is expanding rapidly, there are more and more trucking companies in the U.S. that are specializing in this kind of load transportation. 

The main reason why many trucking companies are specializing in dry bulk transportation is because of the profit that these trailers are providing.

2. What Is Dry Bulk Tanker Trailer

The dry bulk trailer is manufactured in the form of a large body tank. As a matter of fact, these trailers have numerous advantages in comparison to other trailer types. In general, the main materials that dry bulk trailers are transporting are food products, chemical products, and building materials.

What makes dry bulk trailers better than other trailers is the easy loading, as well as the easy unloading.

Moreover, dry bulk tanker trailers are vacuum sealed, and as such these trailers are providing ultimate safety of the materials. Regardless what kind of materials dry bulk tanker trailers are transporting, they are all going to be protected from the outside air(from all weather conditions).

Source: www.cargotrail.net
Source: www.cargotrail.net

Later on, most dry bulk trailers are manufactured as pneumatic tankers.

Therefore, these trailers are manufactured in a way that they have a single compartment that serves for loading into and unloading.

Manufacturers’ most common material choice for dry bulks’ is aluminum or steel. When it comes to the capacity ratings of dry bulk trailers, we can see that it varies between 560 up to 3120 cubic feet.

In a point of view of cargo and haulage process, dry bulk trailers can handle the following materials:

  1. Industrial alcohol, dry and liquid chemicals, plastic pellets;
  2. Cement, ash, sand, lime;
  3. Sugar, Grains, Flour, Starch;
Source: www.opwglobal.com
Source: www.opwglobal.com

When speaking about what dry bulk tanker trailer is, I must mention that since the structure of these trailers is complex, straight proportionally it requires experienced, and well-trained truck drivers.

Experienced and well-trained truck drivers are a must when it comes to dry bulk transportation because these trailers bring specific safety issues.

Each truck driver that is operating with dry bulk trailers must know and understand the mechanical as well as the operating procedures that these trailers require.

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Unlike in the past, nowadays dry bulk trailers are manufactured in a way that they are allowing hauling and unhauling at a ground level; this reduces the risk of truck drivers to fall.

3. Where You Can Buy Dry Bulk Tanker Trailer

You have a trucking company, and you want to enlarge your fleet with a dry bulk tanker trailer? Now, at this stage of your trucking business, I do believe that you want to buy only the best dry bulk tanker trailers.

Source: www.poraver.com
Source: www.poraver.com

In that direction, I have selected for you few online superstores where you can buy dry bulk tanker trailer. Also, in addition, you will find out, which are the most demanded dry bulk tanker trailer brands in the USA.

Top 3 Online Superstores Where You Can Buy Dry Bulk Tanker Trailer:

1.Truck Paper

If you are looking to buy a dry bulk truck then you would know that Truck Paper is actually one of the best headquarters for a truck for sale.

On their official website, you will be able to find new as well as used trucks. Truck Paper is featuring trucks manufactured from these brands: Volvo, Kenworth, Mac, International, as well as Sterling and Peterbilt.

Not only that you can buy trucks on Truck Paper’s official website, but also you can post trucks or trailers that you want to sell.

2. My Little Salesman

For almost five decades My Little Salesman is committed to providing the best quality advertising solutions.

My Little Salesman is where buyers and sellers get the chance to meet. On its website, you can see adverts for all different types of trucks and trailers, including dry bulk trailers.

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3. Trucker To Trucker

Is yet one more online superstore where you can find all different types of trailers and trucks.

Not only that, on their website you can also find truck and trailer parts as well as equipment. Trucker to trucker has made a simple and inexpensive opportunity to advertise.

Top 3 Dry Bulk Trailer Manufacturers In The USA Are:

1. Beall Trailers

As you can see I have revealed to you one of the best dry bulk trailer manufacturers. So, Beall as one of the best dry bulk manufacturers is producing the best designed, and most innovative, superior automotive-quality styled trailers.

Source: www.oppermansales.com
Source: www.oppermansales.com

Actually, the dry bulk trailers that Beall Trailers is manufacturing are the most regular choice that most trucking companies in the USA are making. Beall Trailers have an extensive line of trailers.

Their line of trailers includes petroleum as well as pneumatic trailers that can give out only the best to the people that are going to operate with them.

2. Bedard Tankers Inc.

Bedard Tankers is also one of the most frequent choice that most trucking companies are making lately. This manufacturer has specialized in dry bulk trailers, but also in liquid trailers as well as in liquefied compressed gasses.

Source: www.keywordsking.com
Source: www.keywordsking.com

All trailers that are manufactured from Bedard Tankers are created with long-lasting quality. Not to forget, Bedard Tankers are also one of the first trailers with radical new designs.

3. MAC Trailers

MAC is manufacturing trailers with the most competitive technology edge. In its pneumatic models MAC has included state of the art components.

Moreover, the dry bulk trailers that MAC is producing are one of the best because they are allowing a shorter loading as well as shorter unloading time.

Source: www.macltt.com
Source: www.macltt.com

Moreover, MAC Trailers can meet every kind of dry bulk requirements. They have customized dry bulk trailers that can haul sand, flour, plastic pellets, sugar, feed.

4. How To Load And Unload Dry Bulk Trailer

The loading and unloading process of dry bulk trailers is not that complex as it might seem to be at first sight. Thereupon, the loading of the dry bulk trailer is usually done from the top of the trailer tank.

So, the step by step loading process of the dry bulk trailer would look like this:

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com
  1. The truck driver should reassure that the built up pressure is relieved;
  2. The second step includes cover opening;
  3. The third step goes to the compartment loading, with the help of the gravity;
  4. After that, the product is being fluidized by an aeration system;
  5. Later on, if there is forced in-air, it helps to prevent a vacuum from forming on the location where the product is displaced;

On the other hand, the unloading process in step by step explanation would look like this:

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com
  1. The truck driver opens the butterfly valve;
  2. Then the product drops into the hopper tee; after that, it is pushed out throughout the discharge line;
  3. After this operation the truck driver should check the valve that prevents the product from traveling back to the blower;
  4. Last but not least, you should know that the valve is the one that prevents the over-pressurization;

In general, the loading, as well as the unloading process, depends on a great measure from the blower, but it also depends on the type of loads. For example, if you want to load sand, in average it will take you from 5 to 8 mins to load around 30 tons of frac sand.

5. Most Common Dry Bulk Freight

Dry Bulk Trailers are designed in a way that they can perform transportation of raw products, that is to say, anything from sugar and cement up to plastic pellets. Most commonly the freight that dry bulk trailers are engaged in transporting is not hazardous, as well as dangerous.

Thereupon, the most common dry bulk freight can be classified as very fine materials that can flow in the same manner that liquid flows. In this categorization, we can find all different kind of materials, such as are the cement, coarse materials, sand, some food types, and so on.

Source: www.chicagocement.com
Source: www.chicagocement.com

I would like to start from the cement, which is one of the most common items that dry bulk trucks are hauling. The fact that this is one of the most commonly transported materials, does not mean that it is the easiest to transport.

Quite the opposite the transportation of cement requires good care, straight proportionally to that, it requires dedicated and well-trained truck drivers.

Have you asked yourself why cement is one of the most difficult items to be transported by dry bulk? 

Well, this material requires more care in comparison to the other freight that these trucks are transporting. It is so because if cement comes in contact with water it can end up in disaster.

Therefore, truck drivers shall keep the dry bulk as dry as possible.

Source: www.truckinginfo.com
Source: www.truckinginfo.com

By the same token, I would like to share few more freights that are common for dry bulk trucks: clay, slag, fly-ash, limestone, gypsum, silitia, talc.

Also, as I mentioned before in this article, the dry bulk trailers are connected with the food industry. The most common freight that these trailers are transporting for the food industry is the following: grains, flour, sugar, as well as stretch.

6. Requirements For Dry Bulk Transportation

Just like there are specific rules and regulations for every vehicle that is rolling on the highways these days, straight proportionally we can see that there are also given rules and regulations for dry bulk transportation.

Moreover, these rules that apply for dry bulk transportation are not that strict in comparison to the rules and regulations that stand for another specialized type of trucking service.

Thereupon, as I mentioned before, the range of goods that dry bulks can transport varies a lot. If we stop for an instance and take a look at this specialized type of transportation, we can see that these rules and regulations are mainly issued for a better safety, as well as for a healthier environment.

Source: www.luckeytrucking.com
Source: www.luckeytrucking.com

Hence, one of the first and foremost rules, go for dry bulk trailer washing. So, if you are operating with a dry bulk trailer, or you are about to start, you should pay enormous attention to this.

You should wash each bulk trailer before you let it in service. It would be the best for you to wash the dry bulk trailer every 90 days. After all, it will depend on the usage of the trailer.

The requirement of dry bulk trailer washing is crucial. If you follow this instruction, then you won’t have any problems, such as is the problem- the risk of contamination.

So, if you wash the trailer properly, and as long as you have a good maintenance of seal security, you can keep your worries aside.

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Likewise, when speaking about the requirements for dry bulk transportation, I must not forget to mention the standard bulk delivery equipment. Bear in mind that the standard delivery equipment is a must, otherwise, you won’t be in the position to perform any transportation.

What does the standard equipment of dry bulk deliveries comprise? Each dry bulk trailer must be equipped of course with the pneumatic tanker, that is featuring a female cam-lock coupler.

This is just a sneak peak of the rules that go for dry bulk transportation.

7. Sneak Peak On The Overall Dry Bulk USA Market

If we take a sneak peak of the overall dry bulk USA market, we can see that the key demand is going through numerous developments. For the past few year, it has been shown that the dry bulk transportation has in fact increased by 5 % on a yearly basis.

Source: www.bulkmatic.com
Source: www.bulkmatic.com

On the other hand, it has been shown that the bulk load trade has expanded for more than 4%. I know that I said that in this sub-heading I will be speaking about the overall dry bulk industry in the USA, but I cannot go without mentioning that the global demand as well has strong indications of growth.

Henceforth, even in times of a slower economic and industrial growth, dry bulk transportation has shown strong demand for this kind of commodities.

When it comes to the interest that most manufacturers have in dry bulk transportation, it can be understood the best by making a comparison between the price, as well as of the safety of the goods when they are being transported with dry bulk trailer and another conventional type of trailer.

It is crystal clear that dry bulk trailers are providing a safer and cleaner transportation process, as well on the other hand this type of transportation is cheaper for the manufacturers, and still, it brings profit for the trucking companies that are providing this type of transportation services. So, it is a win-win situation.

Not only that, the economic stimulus package which trucking companies are offering to their clients has led to shifting the dry bulk transportation process. Thereupon, this process has been shifted into a higher gear.

Trucking companies nowadays are making way higher incomes in comparison to a decade ago.

8. Required Skills For Driving Dry Bulk Truck

Unlike the truck drivers, that are operating with tank trucks (which are also dedicated to specialized trucking services), dry bulk truck drivers do not have to undergo through so many additional training, and do not have to obtain additional endorsements.

Still, dry bulk truck drivers have to obtain Class A CDL truck drivers license. Moreover, they have to go through training that is essential for every dry bulk truck driver.

Source: www.ccctrans.com
Source: www.ccctrans.com

Thereupon, speaking of the CDL driver license, I would like to share few facts and figures with you that are related to this topic. So, we can see that in the trucking industry there are many types of Class 8 truck categorization, and due to that, it has been made a CDL categorization in classes.

Source: www.rocksolidstabilization.com
Source: www.rocksolidstabilization.com

There are 3 CDL classes, which are followed with further endorsements for specific qualifications. Nevertheless, here is a summary of the three CDL classes:

  1. Class A CDL- Required for any vehicle that has a gross combination weight rating of 26.0001lbs, or more. This includes tractor-trailers, truck and trailer combination, livestock carriers, flatbeds, tanker vehicles;
  2. Class B CDL- Required for a single vehicle that is 26.001lbs, or heavier. This CDL categorization stands for: straight trucks, large buses, segmented buses, dump trucks, boy trucks, dump trucks with small trailers;
  3. Class C CDL- Required for any vehicle that is not listed in the Class A CDL and Class B CDL. Class C CDL is required for transportation of hazardous materials.

9. How Profitable Is Dry Bulk Transportation

Ups and downs are common for every industry. The dry bulk transportation as well in the past few years has seen few ups and downs. But, fortunately, dry bulk industry nowadays is still doing well.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Thereupon, you should know that all specialized types of trucking services are better paid than the conventional load transportation.

If you are new in this industry, then you should know that in order to make a bigger profit, you should pay special attention to few things.

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So, let’s see what’s that all about:

  1. Check out the local weight regulations where the dry bulk truck will operate. In addition to that, if you want to get the maximum payload, then you should get in touch with experienced manufacturers;
  2. Picking the type of pick-up as well as of drop-up facilities can affect your income. You should pay attention to optimize the process so that you can get back on the road as quickly as you can. After all, time means money in the trucking industry. The ones that are not aware how much the organization process can impact on the income, will never earn big money.
  3. Most dry bulk truck drivers, as well as dry bulk trailer owners, make one same mistake, over and over again, and that is not paying enough attention to the blowers. Most people focus their main attention to configuring the dry bulk for the commodity, but at the end what is crucial for a quick loading and unloading of dry bulk materials is the blower. Blower sizes can matter a lot in this kind of situation. When unloading a dry bulk trailer the air volume is the most important.
  4. Maximizing the hauling process means more money. And have you asked yourself how you can maximize the process? It is simpler than you thought, all that you have to do is to choose the right size of the dry bulk trailer.

10. Importance Of Dry Bulk Transportation

The trucking industry in the USA is servicing almost all other industries in all states. Thereupon, in the last few decades, the trucking industry has expanded a lot. That expansion as you probably know so far resulted in new innovations and technology advancements.

These innovations led to manufacturing specialized trucks and trailers. The dry bulk trailer is one of those advancements. This specialized type of trailer was manufactured due to the demand of various industries, such as are the food industry, the construction industry, and so on.

Source: www.1-87vehicles.org
Source: www.1-87vehicles.org

Later on, if we sum up all facts and figures we can see that the dry bulk transportation has a huge impact in the everyday life in the U.S. , and that is so because if there was not the invention of dry bulk trailers, we won’t be able for example to have the needed quantity of flour on our table.

So, there is a slight possibility that all these freight that is being transported with dry bulk trailers could be transported with any other conventional type of Class 8 truck, but the overall result wouldn’t be the same. And why is that so?

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It is so because, as I mentioned previously the dry bulk trailers not only that allow fast loading, as well as fast unloading, but it is also providing the ultimate load security.

And load security is the most important thing, especially if the loads that the dry bulk trailer is transporting are for the food industry; it can impact peoples’ health.

All in all, the importance of dry bulk transportation is huge. Everyone in the USA can witness that.


To enumerate, the trucking industry does make our life easier. I hope that the facts and figures, that I have presented in this article about dry bulk trailer will be of your great importance.

The dry bulk trailers have a huge impact in almost all industries in the USA. Since the impact of this kind of trailers is huge, we can see more and more trucking companies getting interested in this kind of specialized trailers.

The demands from customers are straight proportionally increasing, and that is increasing the manufacturing process of dry bulk trailers. It is all connected in-between. But until it is a win-win-win situation all will remain perfect.

If you would like to share your opinion as well as experience about dry bulk trailers with us, feel free to do it in the comment box bellow.