10 Things You Must Know About Dry Bulk Transportation


The trucking industry is the biggest in the USA, and as such, it includes many specialized types of trucking services. One of those specialized trucking services features the operational process of dry bulk transportation.

Unlike two decades ago, dry bulk trailers have a more frequent, or better said, daily use nowadays. An interesting fact about dry bulk transportation is that more and more trucking companies in the USA are starting to implement it in their trucking business.

Moreover, the demand of dry bulk transportation services is increasing as each year goes by. If we make a comparison between the demand for dry bulk transportation this time last year, and this year, we can have it all clear that it has increased for 5%minimum.

Since the interest in dry bulk transportation is increasing, I decided to prepare this article for you, in which I included 10 things that you must know about this specialized type of freight transportation.

So, let’s take a look!

1. What Is Dry Bulk Transportation

We all know that the trucking industry is not composed only of the conventional Class 8 truck operations, but as well it includes dry bulk transportation. But, what is a dry bulk transportation? What does dry bulk operations include?



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