20 Secrets to Know Prior Getting Asset Tracking System

Well, sooner or later you will see that the asset tracking system will bring a regulatory compliance to your trucking company.

Source: www.bartronics.com
Source: www.bartronics.com

Thereupon, the asset tracking system will bring you regulatory compliance by collecting the information about your assets and storing it on an ongoing basis.

That way not only that you will receive regulatory compliance since you have the required documentation up to the regulations, but as well you will have an automated truckers’ workflow.

6. Asset Management System Enables You to Maintain Your Equipment

One of the main reasons why trucking companies decide to get asset tracking system is due to their need of equipment management. So, there are asset tracking systems that do offer the ability to track as well as report the equipment repair.

In general, the asset tracking system shall provide you a simple and effective equipment management as a maintenance database. Thereupon, the asset management system will enable you to maintain your equipment by housing all asset and equipment information in one centralized location.

Source: www.erpfm.com
Source: www.erpfm.com

So, as we can see the asset tracking system can keep you informed about:

  • The repair date;
  • Upcoming maintenance;
  • Warranty expiration date;
  • Equipment location;

All in all, the asset tracking system will definitely replace your traditional filing cabinet, it will also help your trucking company monitor the performance of your fleet and equipment.

You will see that reporting the equipment downtime as well as record downtime history has never been faster and easier.

7. Developing Effective Processes and Documentation with Asset Management System

Well, as you already figured out, it is in the essence of the asset management system to keep and to develop effective processes and documentation in your trucking company. In regards of that, I would like to add up few words.

First of all, asset management system is designed to keep a record, which is to say to track, store as well as manage your documentation. That way not only that you will reduce the papers in your office, but you will be more efficient as well.

Source: www.m2x.att.com
Source: www.m2x.att.com

In general the asset tracking system has its roots, that is to say, its concepts from content management systems.

Thereupon, by using the asset management system, which will develop effective processes and documentation in your trucking company, you will experience better workflow. In addition to the improved workflow, you will also remain in compliance with the government regulations.

There are government regulations that require trucking companies to control their documentation. Trucking companies shall always work in compliance with: FMCSA, ATA, OSHA, DOT.

8. Check Which Real Time Tracking Features You Get With Asset Management

Asset tracking system is providing the option of real-time tracking which enables you to know what the exact location of your fleet and equipment is at any time. Straight proportionally it is featuring deliveries and returns into the central database.

Source: www.nlsfm.com
Source: www.nlsfm.com

Briefly said, real time tracking is working in the way that it is sending reports of the frequency of the real-time GPS tracking device, while at the same time the fleet manager or the dispatcher is tracking the overall activity of the trucks.

Source: www.scandtechusa.com
Source: www.scandtechusa.com

So, by using real-time tracking you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Knowing what your fleet is doing 24/7;
  2. Delivering more value to your customers;
  3. Monitoring the fleet in real time;
  4. Managing the fleet efficiently;

Tracking the real-time traffic jams, as well as the traffic congestion and the weather is all possible these days thanks to the feature of real time tracking.

9. Things You Have To Determine Before You Buy Asset Tracking System

Here are few points that each trucking company should determine before buying an asset tracking system:

  1. What types of assets does your trucking company have;
  2. What is the volume and type of assets;
  3. What is the location of your assets;
  4. What reporting potential does your company require;
  5. How many users are going to use the asset tracking system (how many licenses will you need for the asset tracking system);

10. Does The Software On Which The Asset Tracking System Runs – is Easy To Use? Is It Flexible?

You have decided to get an asset tracking system for your trucking company, but you are in doubt whether the software is easy to use?

Well, to be sincere there is a difference among asset tracking systems, but all in all an asset tracking system shouldn’t require extensive training. Each asset tracking system should be easy to embrace. Further, by being easy to use it will provide a friendly interface among its users.

Source: www.theaccessgroup.com
Source: www.theaccessgroup.com

So, as my experience says, the menu functions are always placed in a logical order. The most commonly used functions are always at the top of the menu list.

On the other hand, when it comes to flexibility, the asset tracking system has various solutions on your disponibility, and these solutions can bring you the long needed conform to your needs and requirements.

Source: www.imforza.com
Source: www.imforza.com

Thereupon, if the asset tracking system is easily configurable, it will for sure be a flexible one. The most flexible asset tracking systems allow variations in routine and are easily adjustable to exceptions.

11. Does The Software Support a Variety Of Mobile Devices?

It is quite logical that when a trucking company is searching and selecting an asset tracking system to be looking for one that enables support on a variety of mobile devices.

Source: www.SheCoaches.ORG
Source: www.SheCoaches.ORG

Well, first of all, it is of a great importance for the trucking company to have a software that is supported on a variety of mobile devices because of their departments and employees/ truckers.

Further, as an owner of a trucking company I bet that you will want a software which will be supported on portable devices, such as are the smartphones. Bear in mind that an asset tracking system that is enabling you to work with any type of mobile devices will return your investment without a doubt.

12. Is The Asset System In Your Budget?

Unfortunately, it is no secret that nowadays there are many trucking companies that are still not using asset tracking system. But what is the main reason behind that fact? Is it due to the budget? I believe that you are asking yourself these questions.



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