How To Avoid Expensive Diesel Truck Repair

Discover How To Avoid Expensive Diesel Truck Repair

Use local truck repair shops

If it is possible, and your operation isn’t big enough to support a maintenance shop of its own, contract with a local trusted service center. This can save you a lot on diesel truck repair cost. Because keeping it close means less towing fees and other hassles.

Nowadays, many of the local shops are part of a nationwide chain. This is something that can be very beneficial when it comes to diesel truck repairs. But check around and find the best deal. Remember when they do the work, its parts and labor, and if they have to do any work after hours that will cost you a lot more.

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So, whenever you have your vehicles going in for service or to have their routine maintenance checks, schedule it during regular working hours. If the issue happens after hours try to have backup plans in place so that all diesel truck repairs can wait until normal working hours, if possible.

Don’t repair it on the Highway (it is crazy expensive)

This can be viewed from to any of a couple ways. As we know any diesel truck repair can be expensive, even routine issues. But if your truck breaks down out in the middle of nowhere you have but a few options:

  1. Fix it there on the spot
  2. Tow it to a maintenance shop
  3. Cry and hope it was a bad dream

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Truck towing will be expensive no matter what. But depending on the issue it might be cheaper to tow the truck to the shop and have the work done then. But there are times when the issue can be handled on the spot. However, diesel truck repair work done on the highway comes at a cost.

Wouldn’t be a shame if this issue could have been prevented by following a simple maintenance schedule? Don’t let unexpected and expensive diesel truck repair cost eat into your profit margin.

Purchase national maintenance account

Of course there are times when things just happen. You could have the greatest maintenance schedule in the world; the work could be performed by the world’s greatest mechanics. You could even have the newest equipment to ever haul freight across the American roads. That won’t prevent accidents, manufacturer defects, and other unexpected issues.


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So what is the next step? Besides the maintenance schedule, getting the extended warranties and such? Purchase a nationwide maintenance account to handle all your diesel truck repair needs. These are great as they usually offer discounts. But more importantly they either have agreements with hundreds, if not thousands, of maintenance shops across the country or they have physical locations throughout the nation.

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So if your entire fleet gets their routine maintenance, tires, and other services done through them it will greatly save on your overall diesel truck repair cost. Especially if there is a serious issue and you really need a service center you can trust, with the best rate.


Be smart about how you maintain your equipment and trucks. Remember you’re in business to make money, not waste it on expensive diesel truck repair fees. So set-up a good maintenance schedule, find the best service center to meet your needs, and get the extended warranties.

There are numerous ways to cut the diesel truck repair cost, more than what we mentioned above. What are some of your recommendations? Have you ever had an issue and been stuck out in the middle of nowhere? What did you do in that case? Please share your adventures with us.



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