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Learn All Interesting Details About Tow Truck

Everything that is connected with towing you can find in this museum. A lot of historical details, many tools that were used, restored tow trucks, a lot of pictures and a lot of tow truck equipment.

Learn All About Tow Truck

2. Flatbed trucks are the most popular tow trucks

The risk of damaging with a flatbed tow truck is very low and that is why these types are the most popular ones. This truck has a modern and effective design that is sampling the towing process. It is most reliable tow truck;

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  • The total surface of the towed vehicle is fixed and placed on the surface of the flatbed tow truck without hanging parts in the air.


Remember when you are on an open road and something unexpected happens just pick up your phone and dial the number of your towing company and watch how the professionals are doing their job. The Tow truck will be there shortly to find a way how to help you.

The trucking history remembers days when the towing was performed by animals and people but after the revelation of Ernest Holmes, everything starts to flow in the opposite direction. The towing was an easy and fast task to be done.

The tow trucks are the specially designed trucks because they have only one purpose of towing your heavy vehicle for as long as you want. The history of the tow truck is placed in the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum in Tennessee, where each part and equipment was ever designed is placed there. This place is the temple of the tow truck.



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