Top 10 Dry Van Trucking Companies In U.S.


Dry Vans are pretty much versatile when it comes to terms of freight transportation. That is how dry van trucking became the most common type of freight transportation.

Since dry van trucking is the most common type of freight transportation, we can see that straight proportionally the demand for this type of load transportation is increasing.

But, have you ever asked yourself what else contributed in dry van trucking to become the most common type of freight transportation?

Well, besides the fact that dry van trailers are versatile, they are also providing ultimate protection to the cargo from bad weather, theft, and damage. Also, dry vans can handle non-perishable goods.


Henceforth, dry van trucking companies are mainly serving the following industries:

  • Automotive;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Electronics;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Consumer goods;
  • Cleaning products;
  • Health and beauty products;

So, if you think that the best way that you can transport your loads is by dry van, then you are lucky because I have dedicated this article to the top 10 dry van trucking companies in the USA.



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