Top Trucking Industry CSA Violations – Meaning And How to Avoid?

CSA Violations

What do you think are the top CSA violations in the trucking industry?

Moreover, have you ever did any CSA violations while on duty?

Intentionally or not, every trucker has.

Being a truck driver requires being able to multitask and have an extensive knowledge and skills in the industry.

Additionally, there are the hours of service, the time management, and respecting of the regulations.

Having said this, not everyone is capable of operating a truck.

Continually, every regulation or violation has its meaning.

Those meanings are taught at the truck driver training classes and should be remembered.

More importantly, they need to be respected.

What Do CSA Point Values Mean?

As a truck driver who is constantly on the road you need to be familiar with the rules, regulations on the road.

More importantly, you need to be aware of the facts that are referring to the CSA valuations.

As an illustration, the CSA points are points that are taken off of your license when you violate the law.

To emphasize, CSA means Compliance, Safety and Accountability Points.



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