Top Trucking Industry CSA Violations – Meaning And How to Avoid?

CSA Violations

What do you think are the top CSA violations in the trucking industry?

Moreover, have you ever did any CSA violations while on duty?

Intentionally or not, every trucker has.

Being a truck driver requires being able to multitask and have an extensive knowledge and skills in the industry.

Additionally, there are the hours of service, the time management, and respecting of the regulations.

Having said this, not everyone is capable of operating a truck.

Continually, every regulation or violation has its meaning.

Those meanings are taught at the truck driver training classes and should be remembered.

More importantly, they need to be respected.

What Do CSA Point Values Mean?

As a truck driver who is constantly on the road you need to be familiar with the rules, regulations on the road.

More importantly, you need to be aware of the facts that are referring to the CSA valuations.

As an illustration, the CSA points are points that are taken off of your license when you violate the law.

To emphasize, CSA means Compliance, Safety and Accountability Points.

CSA Violations meaning

In particular, these points are important not to get while you are on duty hitting the highways.

To continue with, these CSA violations are important for your security.

Furthermore, they are not only important for your safety but for the cargo and the trucking company as well.

To be honest, some of the violations surprises me.

However, what surprises me more is the disobedience of the truck drivers.

As a truck driver, you need to be familiar with the following violations:

Top 6 CSA Violations

Being on the road requires your attention to the fullest. Having said this, only a few are not violating the rules of the road.

Some would do it on purpose in order to catch up with the hours of service while others will do it by accident due to distraction.

Notably, these unwanted and unplanned situations lead to violating the law.

CSA Violations top 6

Particularly, every improper driving is instantly considered as a violation of the law.

However, believe it or not, there are CSA violations which are considered to be among the top 6.

What is important to remember is that every violation has different CSA point.

Moreover, you will be surprised by the truck violation number 3.

Drivers Violation No.1 – Medical Issues

Some humans consider it is easy to become a truck driver.

I say it is one of the professions which is the hardest to get involved in.

Having said this, there are strong reasons for my statement.

Continually, you need to possess a wide set of skills in order to become a successful truck driver.

More importantly, you need to learn to manage to cope with the CSA violations.

CSA Violations - medical violations

One of the factors that are important to become a trucker is the health of a truck driver.

With this in mind, I am specifically referring to those kinds of candidates willing to become truck drivers despite their medical issues.

Additionally, they would drive while they are physically ill which is not only against the law but it affects their health as well.

On the subject of this, 12% of the drivers’ CSA violations are connected with medical illness.

Notably, the medical issue is a 10-point violation.

How to Avoid

As a truck driver, you need to be able to manage a lot of tasks despite operating the truck wheel only.

For example, you could find a way how to avoid CSA violations.

In order to prevent from getting yourself a 10-point violation, you could track the expiration date on your medical card.

CSA Violations - how to avoid medical

One way to do this is to make sure they get updated in the truck driver’s files and the licensing agency of the state.

As a matter of fact, you need to know what your duties as a truck driver are.

Moreover, you need to know what are the consequences of failing to comply with the regulations and the CSA violations.

Continually, it would be great once the carriage of medical cards is out of use.

Furthermore, with the National Registry of Medical Examiners, you will no longer need to carry the medical cards.

Drivers Violation No.2 – Logs

Another significant among the CSA violations are the logs in the trucking industry.

In particular, the logs data shows the speeding and other CSA violations that a trucker makes while on duty.

Correspondingly, the electronic logs are complementing the rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Notably, the logs are of huge importance for the drivers in the trucking industry.

CSA Violations - electronic logs

Generally speaking, the electronic records are called ‘form and manner’ in the CSA violations system.

To continue with, they make only one fourth among the truck drivers’ violations on the road.

Accordingly, these violations would take you only one CSA point.


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However, there are logs which are actually worth five CSA points.

In like manner, these CSA violations are easily correctable which is why their worthiness is only one point.

Although this may be true, as a truck driver, you need to be aware of the fact that you must not violate logs.

How to Avoid

The electronic logs are part of the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER).

On the subject of this, the entire information about your proper as well as violent driving is recorded there.

To put it in another way, the drivers need to fill out all the information regarding their driving.

Furthermore, the drivers are unaware of the importance of avoiding the loads as another CSA violation.

More importantly, they need to keep the logs current and available with clear information.

CSA Violations - how to avoid electronic log violations

First, for the purpose of avoiding CSA violations, you need to be aware of you violating the law.

Second, you need to find out what is and what is not required of them for the logs.



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