Top Trucking Industry CSA Violations – Meaning And How to Avoid?

For example, once a truck driver is stopped for inspection, the log must be current.

With this intention, the time the driver got behind the wheel must be correct and most certainly not out of date.

Two important things to do before the inspection regarding the logs is the following:

  • Printing Log Entries
  • Check The Electronic Logs

Drivers Violation No.3 – Language Proficiency/ English Ability

Although only a few of the drivers consider the language as meaningful and part of the CSA violations, they are making a mistake.

Being a truck driver requires a large number of skills and one of them is the knowledge of languages.

If you are bilingual, as a significant factor, it takes a huge part in the trucking industry.

Moreover, knowing more than two languages is even more important and beneficial for your trucker’s salary and position as a truck driver.

CSA Violations - language proficiency

As a matter of fact, the language proficiency is especially important if you are an over the road (OTR) truck driver.

Furthermore, believe it or not, it exists among the CSA violations.

Having said this, there are few in the industry who know that the English ability is among these.

Although present in the list of CSA violations, there is actually only 9% of the drivers who are taken points regarding this problem.

How to Avoid

In particular, the problem that the drivers are actually facing in the industry is their inability to communicate in English.

With this in mind, they are unable to even write in English or complete an entire sentence.

CSA Violations - solutions

In particular, this is a serious problem among the majority of the drivers.

If you want to avoid this problem, you could take English language classes for instance.

In this way, you will have more chances to get hired as the best truck driver and more importantly, make progress.

Truck Violation No.1 – Tires

To continue with, there is also a violation included for having bad and improper tires moving your truck.

Moreover, in the world of trucks, 11% of the vehicles are stopped for a tire inspection.

Somehow, the drivers are not all familiar with the CSA violations and how they need to respect them.

Continually, the tires are probably the most important part of the truck equipment.

CSA Violations - tires inspection

As you are already familiar with, without tires, the truck would not be able to move.

Furthermore, it is really important to consider the fact in which weather conditions are you driving.

Another fact important here is that you need to have your tires according to the weather.

For instance, in winter weather you need to have winter tires.

Continually, the same refers to when driving on ice which requires special parts of equipment to have.

On the other hand, in the hot summer days, you need to have summer truck tires for your truck.

How to Avoid

In particular, to avoid CSA violations, you need to learn what it takes to do that.

Having said this, same as for other CSA violations, there is a specific rule for the tires as well.

For instance, the dimension for the steer tires is 4/32 inch while for the other tires is 2/32 inch.

In addition to this, a driver needs to be familiar with the time needed for a tire replacement.

CSA violations - how to avoid tire violations

More importantly, a truck driver needs to be well aware of that fact.

To continue with, the entire inspection process involves a pre-trip as well as post-trip inspection.

On the subject of this, the drivers need to learn that they actually need to be prepared for the inspection.

In particular, the inspection involves the following:

  • Proper Pressure of The Tire
  • Tread Depths
  • Irregularity in Wear
  • Inspect of Suspension Components

What you need to know regarding the CSA violations is that you are taken 8 points for improper truck tires.

Truck Violation No.2 – Lighting

Regarding the CSA violations, the lighting is the most visible and noticeable truck accessories.

Continually, besides being the most visible, it is also the most frequent of all CSA violations on the road.

Notably, 28% of the CSA violation on the highways involve taking lighting points.

Correspondingly, if you have broken lights, or even single broken or missing light, you will have your points taken.

CSA violations - lights

In particular, broken lights involves 6 points less on your driving license.

Moreover, any kind of reflective tape which is out of order is on the list of the CSA violations.

Similarly, a broken reflective tape can take 3 points off of your driving license.


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Additionally, same as the tires, the lights are important to be taken into consideration every single time before starting your truck.

If you want to avoid CSA violations and possible points taken then you need to pay more serious attention to the truck lights.

How to Avoid

In order to avoid the light CSA violations, it is important for you to check them before you hit the road.

With this in mind, whether you have LED lights, marker lights, or trailer lights, the CSA violations will damage your points reputation the same.

Somehow, the drivers are unaware of the fact that they always need to have operational lights while hitting the endless highways.

CSA violations - avoiding lights violations

Notably, truck drivers need to respect the regulations put in the 393.11 and 571.108 which state the operation of the lights.

Having said this, even the license plate needs to function while on the road.

To continue with, the only way in achieving this is if you inspect your truck on a regular basis.

In this way, drivers will be able to spot the CSA violations on the vehicles.

However, it is equally important for drivers to react on this and actually fix these violations, hopefully, before an inspector does.

Truck Violation No.3 – Brakes

To continue with, the brakes are also included among the most frequent CSA violations.



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