Top Trucking Industry CSA Violations – Meaning And How to Avoid?

CSA Violations meaning

In particular, these points are important not to get while you are on duty hitting the highways.

To continue with, these CSA violations are important for your security.

Furthermore, they are not only important for your safety but for the cargo and the trucking company as well.

To be honest, some of the violations surprises me.

However, what surprises me more is the disobedience of the truck drivers.

As a truck driver, you need to be familiar with the following violations:

Top 6 CSA Violations

Being on the road requires your attention to the fullest. Having said this, only a few are not violating the rules of the road.

Some would do it on purpose in order to catch up with the hours of service while others will do it by accident due to distraction.

Notably, these unwanted and unplanned situations lead to violating the law.

CSA Violations top 6



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