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Truck Drivers Tickets – Secret Trucking Company Killer

It can be a real struggle to maintain the proper balance between legal compliance, company rules, and keeping your customers happy. Even the most skilled driver, can find him/herself in trouble with the traffic authority. Law enforcement agencies have special units whose sole function is to oversee the trucking industry and the trucks travelling through their jurisdiction. It can be a real headache staying on top of all the constantly changing laws, especially since they are different from one state and/or community to the next.

But people often overlook the greater impact that a simple ticket can have.

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Truck Driver Tickets, Why they happen?

Getting a ticket is a reality of driving on our American roads. It doesn’t matter at all what you’re driving, a sports car, a motorcycle, or a big rig, getting a ticket is possible. But what is the one thing the three vehicles types I mentioned have in common? They are targeted by police. No it isn’t about profiling, it is a simple fact that the likelihood of finding a violation is greater.

People do things for a number of reasons, and to be honest they do not usually intended to cause harm. I am sure your truck driver / or you as one, didn’t purposely close your eyes and fall asleep for few seconds while behind the steering-wheel. But the endless roads and the tiredness ketch up with you and you couldn’t stay awake. In one of my previous blogs I wrote about techniques that will help you stay awake while you are driving.

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Sometimes a person is running a little behind schedule. Perhaps you’re travelling a state highway and didn’t notice the change in the speed limit as you entered a small town. Something else drivers sometimes do, is put things off. Maybe your log is a bit behind and you are planning to get it up to date at the next stop.


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