Truck Stops Near Me – 17 Secret Tips To Find The Best


Truck stops are definitely truck driver’s home away from home. As such all truck stops near me should provide numerous conveniences as well as amenities for truckers when on the road.

Moreover, truck stops have evolved into modern facilities. These modern facilities are offering many amenities to truck drivers, starting from bigger parking lots, up to laundry services. Simply said truck stops near me are providing conveniences for truck drivers when away from home!

Further, in this article, you will get the chance to read more about the 17 secrets how to find the best “Truck Stops Near Me”! So let’s take a look!

Truck Stops Near Me: Origins and Services

Back in the day, the very first truck stops near me were developed with the aim to provide diesel gas for large delivery trucks.

In fact, truck stops near me are serving truck drivers for more than 60 years.

More precisely it is in the 1940s that truck stops began replacing some of the local filling stations for people who were driving long distances.

Moreover, it was the initiation of the Interstate Highway System that truck stops started their development. Later on, as the trucking industry began its expansion and development, straight away truck stops near me began offering more services to truck drivers, such as the places to park the truck and sleep, food as well as showers.


Nowadays the choice is much wider than before. There are much truck stops along the routes offering restrooms, fuel, restaurants, gaming centers and so on.

So, if you get face to face with a truck driver you will understand which is their must have’s for a good truck stop. Further, you can read more about how truckers find “Truck Stops Near Me” by simply selecting the must have’s in a good truck stop.

Truck Stops Near Me: Must Have’s In a Good Truck Stop

Which are the best truck stops near me? Well, there are many factors that will determine which are the best truck stops near you. Thereupon, I would like to start by unrevealing you few must have’s for a good truck stop near me.


Hence, the most important features in truck stops near me are:

  • Cleanliness;
  • Parking;
  • Location;
  • Food;

Since truck drivers are living a unique lifestyle, which implies constantly being away from home, straight proportionally they deserve the best.


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Truckers are rolling on the roads day in day out. They are going through numerous stressful challenges that this business brings.

The very least that truck stops near me can do for truck drivers is providing clean restrooms, shower facilities, restaurants, safe parking, as well as good well-priced food.


In general, the major chains of truck stops near me in the USA have become much more than just place to fill up the tank. These days the major chains are enabling truck drivers to enjoy the benefits of having:

Find “Truck Stops Near Me” With The National Association of Truck Stop Operators

Henceforth, the National Association of Truck Stop Operators NATSO exists for more than 50 years. Throughout all these years NATSO has been and still is representing truck stop owners as well as travel plaza owners.

By doing so NATSO has managed to advance the success of truck stops near me. Straight proportionally to that to enable truck drivers to find the most adequate “Truck Stops Near Me”.


Therefore, this national trade association is representing more than 1.500 truck stops.

Yet, the main reason why I recommend you the National Association of Truck Stop Operators is mainly because it can provide you access to their resources. By doing so will help you make a good business decision by choosing the best “Truck Stop Near Me”.

Truck Stops Near Me: How To Locate Truck Stops

Locating and finding the truck stops near me has never been so easy. These days there are plenty of truck stops near me located on major routes.

As you are rolling through the highways you will notice that there are many truck stops that have signage posted along the routes on billboards as well as road signs.


Yet, on the other hand, if you have access to the internet, you can search for websites dedicated to locating truck stops. So, simply by selecting the nearest truck stop which fulfills your needs and by using GPS systems in your truck you will be able to determine where to stop.

On the other hand, when you get your precise route, you can sit and make a plan when and where to stop. Since there are much truck stops out there you can locate the one which will provide you with what you need and put it on your map.

Truck Stop Chains and Franchises

Truck Stops near me can be classified in few categories. Starting from small roadside fuel pump islands up to large plazas with multiple truck stop amenities for truck drivers.

Here and there, truck stop chains have significantly developed the services that they are offering. These days there are few truck stop chains that have expanded their services in almost all states.


On the other hand, we have the large truck stop franchises. These truck stop franchises are as well including restaurant chains inside the buildings. Thereupon, few of the largest truck stop franchises are Flying J, Pilot Travel Centers, and Roady’s.

America’s Independent Truckers’ Association Will Help Your Way

America’s Independent Truckers’ Association is existing since 1997. This association was formed by Larry Daniel. This founder had a single goal which was the development of a program that will level the playing field for smaller trucking businesses.

These days America’s Independent Trucker’s Association has developed significantly and is able to provide truck drivers with help, that is to say, a list of links by state to locate truck stops near me.



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