12 Ultimate Reasons Fleet Managers Need to Monitor Hard Braking


Hard braking as a habit of some inexperienced drivers started to drive more attraction over the last few years as the fleet management and telematics industry advanced. It is very easy and convenient to monitor driver’s behaviors nowadays.

By simply installing certain pieces of hardware into the truck, fleet managers now have the option to analyze and monitor driver behavior, driving style in real time as well as also track the historic data of the driving performance in the past.

An advanced version of GPS devices used to monitor the real-time position of the truck are also used to provide information about truck driver driving style and habits. By reading the data collected from the hardware installed in the truck, fleet managers can easily read the information and proactively educate and instruct drivers to upgrade their performance.

Fleet managers by logging into web-based dashboard used by most GPS service providers on the market can see all records of Hard Braking along with the date, time and speed when it occurred. In addition, they can also set alerts to be immediately alerted by email or SMS when that Hard Braking event happens.



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